Green Lawnmowers for a Green Lawn

This summer, consider greening not just your grass but your approach to mowing your lawn. A nicely-kept lawn is a hallmark of pride whether you've got acres of land or a small front yard, but keeping your grass freshly mowed can contribute to air pollution. Whether you're interested in large, zero-turn mowers that cover the homestead or simple push mowers for urban yards, there are ways to green your approach to grass cutting. Manual (reel) mowers Manual mowers are the simplest to use and also Read more [...]

Homes Should Reflect Your Personality And Can Still Be Trendy

Home decorating and 'feathering the nest' will always be a very personal thing. People still want to decorate or change their homes regularly, whatever their age, life-stage or disposable income. This article aims to talk about some of the current styles that never go out of fashion. Consider Your Colour Scheme Pastels are big at the moment, in clothing and interior design. They are easier to live with and will not 'date' as quickly as some brighter schemes. Some fail safe palettes from which to Read more [...]

5 Things You Didn’t Think Of That Boost Your Home Value

When you think about home renovations that will boost the value of your home, you probably think of expensive projects like replacing your old windows or installing a new more efficient roofing system. Luckily for homeowners, there are plenty of low-cost renovations that boost the value of your home that you probably didn't even know about. Here are 5 things that don't cost a fortune but will still earn you a return on your investment. Boosting Curb Appeal Who would have thought manicuring your lawn Read more [...]

The 3 Pillars of Effective Polished Concrete Floor Management

Unquestionably, polished concrete are the most durable, appealing and economical floors existing in the market today. With periodic cleaning or maintenance, owners can certainly keep these floors looking great at a much lower cost in comparison to other conventional flooring solutions available in the market. However, it is a misconception that these floors are maintenance free. Instead, they require an efficient maintenance plan to last longer. So, what's the best method to maintain your polished Read more [...]

Updating Your Home With Landscaping And Decorating Tips

Are you looking for ways to cheer up the outside of your home? Whether you are considering landscaping or replacing doors and windows, this article will help you get ideas and get started. When we think about decorating the house we generally think in terms of the interior, but outsides benefit from a little love and care too. Exterior decorations improve curb appeal and make a house seem more inviting to both visitors and those who live there. Windows And Doors It is surprising what a difference Read more [...]

Top Tips For Buying The Right Toilet For Your Home

Whether you're remodelling your bathroom or installing a downstairs cloakroom, you may think that picking out a toilet is all about good looks and nothing else. Making mistakes when buying a WC, however, can prove costly and inconvenient. These top tips will help you get the right one first time. Tip 1 - Check the Fit Not all toilet fittings are the same. The standard measurement for a toilet waste "rough-in" - that is the distance from the finished wall in the bathroom to the centre of the sewer Read more [...]

Top 5 Easy Tips to Darken The Bedroom

We all know that sleeping is an important part of daily life and health. But did you also know that the kind of sleep you get can have an affect on your health? In fact, sleeping in a room with too much light can not only disturb your sleep patterns, but it can actually lead to adverse health effects in both the long and short term. A 2009 study published in Behavioral Brain Research journal showed that sleeping in a lighted room at night can lead to a wide variety of health problems, such as Read more [...]

5 Tips to Plan, Design and Build Your Energy-Efficient Dream Home

Having an energy efficient home today is no longer a pipe dream. More contractors than ever are licensed to build eco-friendly homes that use minimal energy and feature sustainable or renewable materials. Here are five tips to help you plan, design and build your dream home. Tip number one is to hire an architect that specializes in green design. He or she is knowledgeable about your specific climate, the building codes and which materials are best for your home. A good example of this is an architect Read more [...]

Handling sticky workplace situations

Some guidelines to resolve common dilemmas with your colleagues The noisy employee that decided to settle in the cubicle next to yours. The office gossiper that just won’t leave you alone. The worker that takes “taking-free-stuff-home” too far. In one way or another, we’ve all seen these individuals at some point in our careers (and in a shared office space environment such as the one from Jay Suites, where I’m based, encountering them is a lot more likely). Responding to their conduct, Read more [...]

Give Your Home a 5-Step Makeover

Decorating your home is never as easy as it could be with all kinds of different considerations, essentials and expenses to take into account. Part of the fun of decorating is getting rid of the old and bringing in the new, transforming your tired old room, home or garden into something more modern, vibrant and ‘you.’ Many people are put off doing any of the decorating or renovations themselves for the fear of getting it wrong and ending up out of pocket or spending more than they can afford. Read more [...]