20 Home Decor Hacks You Really Should Try

Shopping for home décor online is a lot of fun. Once you’ve determined the kind of design or theme you’re going for and have set aside a budget for it, you can start buying home furnishings and decorative items on the Internet and arrange for them to be delivered to your home. But before you shop, it’s a good idea to check out a few decorating tips and who knows, you might even save a few dollars as a result:

1. Use any old rhinestone necklaces you no longer wear as curtain tiebacks. It will give any room in your house a Bohemian-inspired theme.

2. Replace seasonal potted plants by simply placing them in pots. This is called the pot in pot method.

3. If you have an exposed clothing rack or closet, prettify your hangers using colored tape. Pick any color you want! Or you can simply use a gold spray paint to give them a chic makeover.

4. Hate looking at your router? Cover it with a hollowed-out book. No book? Try a binder instead.

5. Add some pizzazz to your lighting fixtures by using a Sharpie to draw a design on the light bulb. When you switch it on, it will cast a pretty shadow.

6. Want to add a rustic touch to your window dressing? Try using a jute rope.

7. Paint the sides of your door to showcase a subtle pop of color.

8. Place your candle inside a can and put it inside a large vase. This ensures you won’t have to use a lot of filler.

9. Add a hint of sophistication to your bathroom vanity by putting your mouthwash in a decanter.

10. Make your living room extra cozy by lighting several candles in an unused fireplace.

11. Place a coat of glitter inside a lampshade and it will create a cool effect when you switch it on.

12. Hate your low ceiling? Try painting half of it (horizontally). It will give it the illusion of height.

13. Use bows to tie your shower curtains. When you do this, you no longer have to worry about rust.

14. Need more storage room but don’t have any more space? Place a slim floating bookcase to a dead space.

15. Paint your laminate or vinyl floors. It can improve the look of cheap and dirty floors.

16. Save some space by hanging a light bulb on a cord from a shelf bracket that is wall-mounted. You can paint the cord or simply cover it with embroidery floss.

17. Use corbels and stair treads as alternative to book shelves.

18. Fix an old sagging sofa using a bag of Poly-Fil Quilt Batting and a box of Poly-Fil. It will only cost you $29. (You’re welcome!)

19. Hang a mirror behind a lamp to make a room brighter and bigger. The light from the lamp will be reflected in the mirror creating a brighter effect.

20. Dress up your headboard by simply draping thin fabric over it.

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