Yearn for a luxury bathroom? Here’s how to upgrade yours

This article looks at some ways of transforming your existing bathroom and turning it from a functional room into one where you can relax and unwind.

There is always something appealing about the bathrooms found in decent hotels. Clean and uncluttered, they are the perfect place to enjoy an indulgent bath or invigorating shower. The bathrooms we find in our own homes tend to be smaller and, when it comes to interior design, are often overlooked. So how do you turn a utilitarian space into a luxury room?

Create Space

Before you hit the shops to buy towels and other accessories to upgrade your bathroom there is some ground work to be done. One of the key issues with home bathrooms is that they tend to be small and, for many of us, increasing square footage is not an option. There are, however, a number of ways that you can increase the feeling of space:

Whilst it can be difficult to do, removing all the clutter from your bathroom will immediately make a difference to the ambience. Reduce the bottles, lotions and equipment that you have out on display, investing in some decent bathroom storage if necessary.

Create space by opting for a white or off-white colour scheme for the walls. This will automatically make the room feel bigger and you can always add some colour back in when shopping for accessories.

Maximising the amount of light in the room will again increase the feeling of space. Opt for window coverings that let in a lot of light and make use of mirrors as these will reflect the light back into the room.

Accessorise Well

Once you have an uncluttered, neutral bathroom that makes the most of the available light you effectively have a blank canvas upon which to add accessories which will make a luxurious room. When shopping for accessories there a few things to keep in mind:

Replacing bathroom fittings such as towel rails, soap dishes and toilet roll holders will uplift your bathroom. Opt for ones that come from the same range or match to create a uniform look and choose a minimalist and unfussy style for a touch of elegance.

Use colour well. Whether you want to use a vibrant or more muted colour scheme to accessorise remember that less is more. If you add to much colour you’ll make your bathroom seem smaller. A burgundy shower curtain, mat, towels and blind, for example, will probably be too much. Instead focus on colour in a couple of these areas or break up blocks of colour with stripes.

Use texture too. A luxury room should make you want to touch things. Invest in some plush towels and bathrobes and a bathmat that will feel soft and envelop your feet.

And finally, add some finishing touches that personalise the bathroom. Whether it is tea lights, luxurious toiletries or a selection of books, remember that this is a room that should make you feel welcome and relaxed.


Smith writes about home decoration for a range of websites and blogs. He has recently designed a contemporary luxury bathroom accessorised with stainless steel fittings and super soft Christy Towels.

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