Why Should You Choose A Log Cabin For Your Garden

Log cabins look fantastic in any garden, no matter the shape, size, or purpose. The log cabin craze is sweeping America, and many people are opting for log cabins in their garden as opposed to having a summerhouse or an outdoor storage area.


Why Choose A Log Cabin?

Log cabins have a rustic feel about them, they add a sense of tradition, and add to the natural flow of a garden. They lack a manufactured feel, adding an extra sense of nature whilst still adhering to the owners needs, this is why choosing a log cabin for your garden may be one of the best decisions you will have ever made.

They maintain every use, they are the halfway medium between a summerhouse and a shed, you can use them for storage purposes or you can use them to simply relax in. Many people associate log cabins with woods and wilderness, they add a mysterious and captivating look to their surroundings, and nothing beats warming by the fire in your very own log cabin.

There’s A Reason Why People Vacate In Them!

Log cabins are well known for their vacating purposes; many people go on their travels each year and stay in a log cabin surrounded by forestry. By having one in your very own garden, you no longer need to vacate to unfamiliar surroundings, you can simply walk out your back door and be greeted by the warming sense of home.

What Can I Put Inside My Log Cabin?

You can put anything you desire within your cabin; some choose them as storage areas to place outdoor furniture such as deck chairs, folding tables, and BBQ’s. Others choose to have them solely as a relaxation area, fitting inside them a warming fire, bookshelves, and a small lamp. Whatever your purpose, you can fit anything you want inside your cabin. It provides you with a natural looking storage area that fits into your garden like it were meant to be.

Painting The Exterior

You can choose to paint the outside of your log cabin in any color you choose; some prefer to have a natural color such as brown, green, or white. Others prefer to experiment with different tones, including reds, mahogany, and crimson. It really is all down to your personal preference; however you should consider the other tones around your garden before you settle on that final color. Having a pine colored log cabin and a crimson fence will simply look unappealing, and odd, so you should take this into consideration before finalizing your decision.

Why Are They Called Log Cabins?

The term log cabin comes from the structure of the build; the outside resembles that of stacked logs, layered horizontally to build the walls of the structure. Although manufacturing advances have allowed us to build them in a much more structurally stable way, the term did indeed come from those who construct in the wilderness. Without the tools we have today, hundreds of years ago people cut down trees, skimmed the bark and layered them to build a shelter, the idea itself is inventive, and the constructive knowledge we have today enables us to take this idea and turn it into something practical and easy to assemble.

Pre-packed Cabins

To own a log cabin, you no longer have to venture to the wilderness and take an axe to a nearby tree, you can  simply waltz into your nearest DIY store and pick up a pre-packed model. These models come very easy to assemble, and within a matter of hours you too could have a log cabin in your very own back garden.


Author Bio

James Stacy works in a company that manufactures Log Cabins. He recommends buying a pre-packed log cabin for your garden as it can be a great way to add personality, and value to your home.

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