What Should you Consider When Hiring an Interior Designer?

If you’ve never hired an interior designer before it can be a daunting prospect. You might think they’ll be too expensive or take over the project. However, they could be a great asset. Here we look at the top tips for finding the right one.

Hiring an interior designer could allow you to create that vision you’ve always dreamed of. They’re able to step back from the house and have an impartial view of what will work. However, it’s important that you choose the right designer for the project and this includes personality wise as well as professional experience.

Choose a Shortlist
Firstly you need to pull a shortlist together. Ask family and friends who’ve used interior designers for their recommendations. It doesn’t matter if the design wasn’t exactly to your tastes. What’s important is that the space is well thought out and well designed. You can also use the British Institute of Interior Designers whose members have been assessed for their quality and professionalism. A quick internet search will bring a list of architects in London or interior designers in your local area.

When you’re narrowing down the shortlist, make sure that you check all the references, qualifications and experience. It’s relatively easy to set yourself up as an interior designer, but you want to find someone who is professional and that you can trust with the job.

View Their Portfolio
Whether it’s online or a hard version, all experienced designers will have a portfolio of their previous work. Have a look through for ideas that really impress you, considering the space and restrictions they had to work with as well as good use of design and colour.

Set Yourself a Budget
Before you brief the designer you need to have an idea of your budget. Furniture, wallpaper, paints and other accessories can vary hugely in price and this will all depend on how much you have to spend. If you’re unsure exactly what’s a good figure, speak to the designer and get their reaction.

Meet with the Designer
Personality is one of the key requirements for working well with an interior designer. If you don’t get along or your personalities clash, the project won’t run smoothly. Therefore it’s important that you meet face to face before agreeing anything. You need to be confident that the designer sees your vision and that they can bring this to life. Ask them questions about:
–       their portfolio
–       previous experience
–       if they’ve worked on similar projects

Once you’ve briefed the designer they will draft out some ideas and put together a quote. If you’re happy with all this make sure you have everything that’s agreed in writing. Otherwise you won’t be able to argue if things go wrong.

An interior designer isn’t just a luxury for the privileged few. Every home could benefit from some extra design inspiration and they could help you create your dream room.

Jennifer writes regularly on interior design for a range of property and lifestyle websites and blogs. She has worked within the industry for a number of years and regularly liaises with top interior designers to learn about the latest trends. If you want to know more visit this page for information on interior designers and architects.

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