What is a Staycation and How They Can Benefit Your Income

There are numerous reasons why the way we travel is changing. In recent years, quick jaunts to Europe have been incredibly popular. Cheap flights and growing options for stays, such as with Airbnb, have allowed a last-minute trip to Paris or Rome to be more accessible than ever. However, as we become more environmentally and economically conscious, these holidays are less appealing and, in turn, they are being replaced with staycations.



What is a Staycation


Staycation is a portmanteau of the words stay and vacation. It’s a simple and catchy term that’s grown in popularity in recent years. If you take a trip within your own country, that’s a staycation. A few days in the Lake District, camping in Scotland, or a bed and breakfast in Cornwall; each of these is a staycation.


Inland British travel is expected to grow in popularity over the next few years. After the recent lockdown and mainstream awareness of carbon footprints, exploring the options for holidays within the UK is more appealing. Not only is this exciting for British culture but it will be a great support for a recovering economy.


Why It Is Good News


Tourism brings wealth to national areas of interest and, as more people look to find new and exciting areas around the UK to visit, the money will be spread around the country, supporting towns, villages and businesses, helping them to flourish.


Even cities will enjoy a rising tourism industry and, with the support of a well-established sharing economy, travelling comfortably and easily within places like Manchester, Edinburgh, and London will attract more tourists more often.


This is also great news for individuals. As tourists look to move and stay around the country, individuals will be able to make the most of their property. Residents with summer homes and log cabins will be able to rent them, second cars and garages can be hired out to visitors, while tour guides and local craftspeople can sell their services to interested tourists.


How It Can Work For You


The overhead costs of your assets can, simply put, be subsidised. You can earn income from spare rooms, empty parking spaces, and even second cars. There have been a wide array of concepts that have brought their sharing economy services to the UK and you can use them to earn income from staycation travel.


If you have any property or service that may be of interest to visitors, consider using it. For example, a parking space that is empty for eight hours a day can be hired out. Whether you are in a village, town, or city, there is likely to be an interest in it, whether it is visitors wanting to walk in the local area or those staying to watch a gig.


As more people begin travelling around the country, exploring new countryside walks and enjoying weekend breaks in the city, you may be surprised just how lucrative your spare room or cooking skills might be. So, if you have an empty annexe or knowledge of local history, it might be worth putting them online, as they could earn you a great supplementary income.

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