What Do Your Ceiling Lights Say About You?


Light” by @Doug88888 licensed under CC BY 2.0

What Do Your Ceiling Lights Say About You?

Believe it or not, your choice of ceiling lights illuminates more than simply the living room or kitchen in your home. The centrepiece of your room, your lighting choice can give away some clues to your personality too. Whether a reflective, delicate chandelier, or a more modern, brushed-steel affair; Read on to find out what your home lighting says about you, and how you can embrace the persona…

The Chandelier


Chandeliers” by APPLE OU licensed under CC BY 2.0 

Although it’s likely you do not presently reside in Versailles, you do have a decided penchant for luxury, and seek out the finer things in life. Your chandelier brings a little of the palatial to every occasion, so embrace the aesthetic of the decadent French aristocracy, and be sure to complement your ceiling light with posies of fresh-cut roses, a la Marie Antoinette. Cake-eating entirely optional, but preferred.


A delicate Tiffany lightshade denotes you as a vintage sort, so embrace the stereotype, and decorate accordingly. You’ll need some battered-looking Penguin paperbacks, at least one old shipping trunk and a Chesterfield to complete the look. If you can, master the art of serving a perfect Martini, and refer to your lounge as ‘the drawing room’ until further notice.



Spotlight Reading Lamp” by Theen Moy licensed under CC BY 2.0

Ultra-modern, clean and flexible, spotlights put an elegant pad centre stage. Symptomatic of the cool, collected bachelor, the spotlight tends to be found in areas with a high concentration of high-end gadgets or artwork. Enjoy with a scrupulously minimal room for a streamlined, beautiful look: think moulded bar stools, Rothko prints and monochrome. Remote controlled fireplace a must!


These masterpieces of swirling metal would scream ‘class’, except that would be tacky. For individuals with a firm grasp of style and interior design dilettantes, the sculptural fitting is a match made in ceiling light heaven. These striking specimens tend to thrive in the presence of a feature wall, asymmetric shelving, bold, signature furniture and coffee table books that have as few words as possible.


A Moroccan pendant light pinpoints you as a global traveller, and will generally rock any size of Kasbah. Persian rugs, Sri Lankan cushion covers and perhaps a rogue Didgeridoo hint at your worldly status. Incense smoulders from the sideboard, and when you aren’t practising Ashtanga yoga or perfecting your hacky sack skills, you’re charting out your next adventure.

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