Use Zipwall and Adhesive Mats to Control Dust in your Home

Want to remodel your home or improve the foundation of your building? It is no doubt a great idea. However, the dust settling in your house during construction often becomes very difficult to clean. You have to take this into consideration if you want to continue living in your house.


Top 2 significant actions

You should take two types of actions. First of all you have to control the inevitable dust to the place where the remodeling or construction work is going on. You can also provide surface protection to your walls, floors as well as other areas that may get damaged accidentally owing to the construction work.

Various surface protections

Different types of surface protection and dust control products are available and they are also not very costly. Some of the surface protectors are customized to suit the specific requirement of your home. Rather than using large sheets for covering things, different types of surface protection covers are available for doors, toilets, floors, tubs, windows, counters and carpets. You can also get HVAC protection for keeping small objects like screws and nuts from falling into your ducts and vents. Several other construction site dust control products are also available for keeping dust in one specific area. As a result you can clean the dust easily and dispose it later on.

Zipwall protection

Most of the contractors, builders and home owners use Zipwall for controlling dust. In fact Zipwall has now become a standard dust control system to many contractors and builders. Zipwall is actually a barrier which can be set up against ceilings, doors and walls for controlling dust in the working area of your home.

Standard Zipwall Kit

You can get a standard Zipwall kit from the market in its own framework. The kit contains setup tools like clamps, poles as well as grids. As a result you don’t have the need to tape or pin the sheets to the walls. Thus you can reduce the damage that may occur in your own home. The plastic sheets are erected by extension poles and so they can adapt easily according to the size of your working area. You will also get zippers with Zipwall kits and thus can make a door in your plastic walls. The zippers are most effective if you are working only in a small part of your room and not in the entire room. In order to ensure better dust control, you can use Zipwall Zipper with poly sheeting.

Adhesive Mats

Moreover you can use Adhesive Mats for controlling dust during construction work in your home. You can lay the mat around the perimeter of your working area and thus can catch dust. The mat also ensures the fact that people with dirty shoes should keep the dirt out while walking into a clean working area. If you want you can make use of Adhesive Mats with boot and shoe covers. The boot and the shoe covers are cheap slip-ons that help to give protection to your boots and shoes too.

Always wise to opt for surface protection

It’s true that you can rent a place to live in while the construction work is going on in your home. However still it will be a wise decision to opt for surface protection for controlling the dust in your house. It holds good even if you are not staying while the construction work is going on.

Choose the best surface protector online

Therefore by using Zipwall and Adhesive Mats you can be sure of the fact that your home remains protected from any kind of accidental damage. In addition you have to undertake very less clean up work after your construction work is over. Choose the best surface protection product from a reputed online store and control dust in an effective way.

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