Types of Floor Finishes and Their Pros and Cons

floor is one of the biggest parts of the house, so it must look pleasing as it
will easily catch the attention of your guests. Whether you are having a new
house built or a home renovation, one of the decisions that you will need to
make is the type of floor finishing to use. There are different types of floor
finishing available, and they have their pros and cons. Here are some of your
choices to help you decide.


have been used since the 1800s, and they are still being used today, although
they are no longer that common, especially in modern homes. They are available
in varying colours and designs, and they also offer warmth and comfort for the
feet. However, they can make the house look dated, and they can also quickly
accumulate dirt and dust.


tiles offer durability, although they can be expensive and heavy. They are also
environment-friendly, and they provide a natural feel in the home. There are
different colours and designs available.


flooring has the same look as wood flooring, but it’s a more affordable
alternative. Repair is also easier, and if you choose quality products, it will
last for a long time. The drawback is that it is prone to water damage, so it
will not work well in a humid environment.


is made from the cork tree, making it another environment-friendly option. It’s
also soft, comfortable, and it gives a natural finish. However, it’s not the
most durable. It can easily get damaged.


is easy to clean and maintain, and with proper care, it can last for an
extended period. However, you need to be careful with sharp things as they can
easily damage it. Like carpet, it is also a dated alternative, although there
are now modern designs that you can choose to resolve that concern.


gives elegance to the area, but maintenance is expensive. Moreover, you should
keep it dry because it is prone to water damage and it can be slippery, causing


flooring is a cheaper alternative to wood flooring. It imitates the look of the
latter without the expensive material. However, the materials used can be
toxic, and it is also at risk of water damage. Plus, it is not as durable as
real wood.


flooring has regained its popularity, and it is now widely used in modern homes
to achieve a natural finish. It provides excellent insulation, and it also
increases the value of the property. However, it can be expensive to install,
and it is prone to damage, and repair can be costly.


is affordable, and it is available in different designs. It is also easy to
clean and maintain. However, it is made from toxic materials, and if damaged,
you need to remove the damaged part and install a new one that is precisely
like your vinyl design.

matter what type of floor finishing you choose, be sure that your screed floor
is thoroughly dry to ensure that the finishing will adhere well. Liquidscreed.co.uk
can help you with your screed floor moisture testing to make sure it is dry.


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