Tips for a Warm and Cozy Christmas Indoors

Winter approaches, which means it’ll be unbearably cold outside, but that doesn’t mean your indoor experience has to be just as miserable. Here are some ways you can stay warm and comfortable indoors. Keep them in mind, and we guarantee an idyllic winter experience.

  1. Ready the boiler and the fireplace

Dropping temperatures mean it’s time to fire up the heating system. Even as early as autumn, get your boiler checked by a boiler Lancashire company to ensure it’ll operate throughout the colder months without a hitch. Get your chimney cleaned and tested to prevent smoke and soot build-up and carbon monoxide poisoning. Stock enough firewood so you won’t run out during the holidays. Keep it in a dry place to prevent it from moulding or absorbing moisture.

  1. Dress in warm clothes

Winter is the season to whip out your fleece-lined hoodies, wool sweaters, and thick socks. You may think that these are just for when you step outside, but you still have to dress warmly even indoors. Even with your heating system, there will inevitably be cold spots and fluctuating temperatures throughout your house, and dressing in insulating fabrics can help keep you warm at all times. It also helps lower your electricity bill, since warm clothes and a well-insulated house means you don’t have to run your heating system 24/7 to stay comfortable.


  1. Prepare warm food and drinks.

Winter is the time for hot chocolate, tea, and boozy drinks, perfect for warming you up on a snowy day. Winter is also ideal for serving warm, hearty meals like stews, pies, and soup. If you can tolerate it, amp up the heat with some spicy peppers. There’s nothing quite as comforting as a warm meal in your belly after facing the cold weather outside.

  1. Get thick duvets and hot water bottles/heating pads

If you want to give your heating system a break (and to save on electricity bills), you can use duvets and put a hot water bottle or two when you sleep. A good quality duvet can keep you sufficiently warm and cosy, especially when you have a hot water bottle tucked under the bedding. Compared to most blankets, the heavier weight of a duvet is even said to improve sleep quality and reduce stress and anxiety.

If you’re worried about hot water bottles leaking out in your sleep, you can replace them with heating pads, which are made of thick, insulated fabric and filled with grains or beans. These pads can be heated in the microwave and used in the same way as hot water bottles.

Our homes are our sanctuary from the snow and strong wind, so we’ll do what we can to maintain a warm and cosy atmosphere. You don’t need to worry about high electricity bills if you use an energy-efficient boiler and have a well-insulated house. Besides the tips mentioned in this article, you can also stay warm by exercising, installing thermal curtains, or using a small space heater.





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