Thinking to Sell Your Home by Yourself? Here’s What You Need to Consider

Selling a home isn’t an easy decision. But with a job switch or any other circumstances that forced you to take the decision, should you be worried about having to do it alone or should you too opt for the services of a pro? Knowing that factors like short sale can be detrimental for your credit’s health compared to the benefits of a good payment history for the current mortgage refinance, you may be inclined to put up the For Sale by Owner board outside to save every penny from the sale price if possible. But have you stepped beyond the short-sighted money-saving mindset and truly weighed the advantages and the disadvantages of working with a real estate professional in your case?

  1. Working with people like Suzanne Powers, you realize you lacked the expertise that realtors have, a good realtor especially who knows the market thoroughly and will be able to fetch the price you need in the time you want.
  2. The money you think you’d be saving by not paying the real estate agent’s commission fee will almost all be used to market your home sale yourself – fliers to distribute, signs for the sidewalk, etc. Materials don’t come cheap and then there will be the need to put up professional photographs of your house on the listing site.
  3. While you thought selling your own home would have given you peace of mind, let you control the process as you like, from how and when to promote, hold open house, and property tour concerns, to determining the selling price and preparing the contract, you forget one thing: your schedule. Do you really have the time to accommodate and handle the scheduling? Or would you rather that professionals like Suzanne Powers helped you address all the issues?

The DIY approach doesn’t help when it comes to home sales because you never know if the reason behind your home becoming a stale listing on the market is because it was priced too high, because you didn’t have what it takes to be objective negotiator on-site, or simply because you were unable to give it the maximum exposure.

Most people won’t admit it outright but they are unaware of the market rates, they are afraid of a loss in transaction, they are unable to coordinate their marketing, and think according to and cater to any interested buyers. Why then is it a surprise that their experience was anything but smooth and efficient?

A professional dealer, on the other hand, facilitates a successful close. They have the network and resources, both local and international, well managed and budgeted, to ensure their clients generate the due profit from sales. They will assess its value according to the current market conditions and work with a marketing strategist to make your property more attractive and so receive the desired traffic. And then there are the dreaded legal issues that you can’t work around unless of course you yourself are a lawyer.

You may sell your home if you want and you may do it right too but there’s always a risk involved and if you’d rather be left with fewer technical stuff at the end of the process, then this investment is worth it.

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