Things to Think About When Having Carpets and Blinds Installed in Your Home

Apart from improving your home’s décor, carpets and blinds
also insulate your house, making it feel warmer. Carpets provide comfort when
you need to sit around the fireplace. Your kids will play around better and get
lesser injuries when there is a carpet in the house. Blinds are also beneficial
especially when combined with curtains. Curtains and
offer better insulation and increased
privacy. If you are planning to get carpets & blinds installed into your
home, there are several things you need to consider.

What to consider before installing carpets


You need to get your measurements right so that you can get a suitable carpet size. As you measure, take note of indentations such as fireplaces and cabinets. You can use your measurements to work out the carpet size you will need. Take your measurements to your trusted carpet installer who will advise you on the best way to place your carpet.

Who will move the furniture and to where?

Nothing should be in the room where the installation will take place. You can decide to move the furniture yourself and save on costs or let the carpets installers do it for you. You also need to get rid of the old carpet if you had one.

Cleaning and fixing damaged floors

Your surface must be ready for a new carpet.
That includes removing any dirt and debris from the floors, repairing damaged
parts of the floor, and re-painting if necessary. You also need to decide
whether you will do the post-installation cleaning or pay the installers to do
it for you.

What to consider when installing blinds

The direction of your window

If your window faces the side where there is a lot of sunlight such that most of the room and the furniture inside is exposed to direct sunlight, then you need a blind that will tackle that. The same case applies if your window faces a direction where there are many passers-by. A quality blind should bring in the best level of privacy.

Your general home décor

The colors and designs you have used for your home will determine the types of blinds you choose. You may want to go for colors which blend well with your interior design,

Will you mount them inside or outside the frame?

Both inside and outside mounting has its
benefits. When you install the blind inside the frame, your windows will look
much neater as the frames will fit well in the frame. An outside fitting allows
you to get more lighting by retracting the blinds out of the window space. You
need to decide which way works for you.

Installing carpets and blinds will give
your home the design and installation boost it needs. Installation, however,
requires lots of prior preparation. You need to do proper floor surface
preparation, take measurements, move furniture, and decide on the design of
carpets and blinds which blend well with your current décor.

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