The Different Uses of Log Cabins

A log cabin isn’t just somewhere you stay when you’re on a skiing holiday in the Alps, you can have your own in your back garden if you want to! The stylish and spacious designs are perfect for adding a touch of class to the exterior of your home and provides a great alternative to the traditional wooden garden shed.


Log cabins are far from just alternatives to sheds, however. They have the potential to provide all kinds of uses around the home, many of which you might not have initially thought of. Their size, in comparison to the traditional garden shed, means you can use them for just about anything making them a multi-purpose investment which will save you money over time, as a lot of customers to DIY stores and online retailers like will testify if you read the comments on their websites.


One example of a different use for a log cabin is as a garage. Many homes are denied permission to build garages because they would spoil the look of the area. Well with a log cabin it counters that argument because it would fit in much more seamlessly than a concrete building, while still providing a secure location to keep your car and any other important possessions like bikes and barbecues.


Alternatively, you could use it for the base of your outdoor entertainment. Gardens are great for entertaining family and friends who come round to your home, but sometimes it can look a bit tacky to have extension leads everywhere (which are, of course, on Mr Health and Safety’s list of must avoids). By having an outdoor building where you can wire-in full-time electricity, you can plug in your music system, fridge and even cooking equipment if you wish so that you can do everything from the garden without having to leave your guests or make multiple trips into the house to fetch things.


It also means that you have somewhere to stay outside even if it starts raining, especially if you buy a model with a covered veranda or indoor seating area where you can leave the doors wide open if it’s just a brief shower.


A final option is a slightly more obvious one, and that is to use the space to your advantage as a guest room. When people come to stay you tend to find the house is quickly very crowded and you need your own space, so rather than having people sleeping on the floor or inflatable mattresses, use the log cabin as a spare bedroom. When not in use, it can double up as a games room or somewhere for you to go and watch your the football on your own or maybe to send the kids when they have friends over to keep the house tidy and relatively peaceful!

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