The Best Neighbourhoods in Ottawa

Real estate listings in Ottawa are highly sought after, thanks to the emerging local market. Experts say that it’s about to become a seller’s market so a lot of homebuyers are rushing to find the perfect property for them. If you’re one of the many who believe that this is the best time to buy a house, you better act fast.

To help you start your search, let’s streamline it a bit, shall we? Instead of looking at the listings for the entire city, why don’t we trim down your scope to just a couple of areas first? This can help you prioritize your preferences because location is a crucial factor when buying a home.

So, what are the best districts in the city? Here are the top choices of experts and residents alike:


If you want to live in the middle of everything, Centretown would be a great pick for you. As the name suggests, this neighbourhood is right in the heart of Ottawa. It offers one of the most convenient locations for those who want to be just a stone’s throw away from downtown.

Comprised of a nice split between residential and commercial properties, you can take a pick from detached houses, condominiums, and apartments in this neighbourhood.

The Glebe

Just across the highway from Centretown is the Glebe. This is another popular neighbourhood in the city as it’s very near to the downtown area without the business. It has a cool and collected vibe but still has a bustling area that feels familiar among city dwellers. It shouldn’t be too surprising, really, since it also features a mix of residential and commercial properties.

What makes it a great place to live in, however, is the fact that there are so many things to do and explore in this neighbourhood. And even if you run out of things to do on your turf, you can always just go a bit north and you’re already downtown.

Carleton Square

Located near Carleton University, it shouldn’t be too surprising that Carleton Square is a popular area in Ottawa as well. Thanks to the high number of student rentals in the area, it’s quite hip and laidback. It can still be a great place for lots of families because it’s also near the downtown areas.

A survey shows that Carleton Square is one of the hottest real estate markets in the city, so you might want to consider the tough competition that you might face when buying a home here.

Kanata Lakes

Kanata is one of the biggest suburbs in Ottawa and is home to the city’s tech hub. This possibly explains why Kanata Lakes is packed with recreational activities. Residents here are notably well off and healthy. Its proximity to the property of the Department of National Defence also helps make it an even more attractive neighbourhood for lots of homebuyers.


Stittsville may not be as popular as the other regions in the list just yet but it’s definitely an emerging market that might just tickle your fancy. Found right behind an industrial area and just a few minutes away from Kanata, this neighbourhood is said to be family oriented. The properties are quite big and affordable and the area has a lot of recreational opportunities. These make it an excellent place to live in for a lot of people.

There are lots of great localities in the Capital City that you can focus your real estate listings search in. These, however, received special mentions from experts and locals, so they’re worth looking into. Make sure to factor in your own convenience and preferences, though, so you can be certain to bag the best property for you and your family.

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