Simple tips to make your next move easier


If the thought of packing for a move makes you break out in a cold sweat, you aren’t alone. Many homeowners fear the moving process and some put off upgrading to a different home because of it. Avoid the stress of moving with a solid plan that will get you and your belongings to your new home without incident.

Tackle those plates

Plates are one of the trickier items to pack. If you pack them all wrong, they will break into a million pieces. A package of cheap foam plates fixes this problem. Place a foam plate between each of your plates, then wrap up the stack and pack it with your kitchen stuff. The plates won’t rattle together as you move and they’ll arrive at your destination ready to be used.

Track the small items

Small items wrapped up in packing paper can get lost. Eliminate this problem by taping them to larger items. If the smaller item can be paired with a like item, such as a cable with your TV, pack those together. If not, choose a random item from the same room. If you can’t tape the items, wrap them in a different colored paper so you’ll notice them when you are unpacking the box.

Wrap up your mattress

Want to avoid unwanted spills or damage to your mattress? Wrap the mattress with two fitted sheets, one on each side. With the added protection, you won’t have to worry about it snagging or getting dirty. Plus, when you arrive, your bed will be partially made.

Use two boxes for breakables

Use two boxes to pack electronics and other breakable items. By placing a small box inside of a larger one, chances of severe damage will be reduced. If the box is jostled a little too much, its contents should still be intact.

Use custom protection

Some household items require extra care in the moving process. Custom boxes and cases are available for those items that don’t fit in a box. Your artificial Christmas tree is an item that requires a unique moving option. Instead of tossing it in a bag, use a Christmas tree case to keep it safe. The last thing you want during your move is to damage an expensive item packed in the wrong box.

Color code boxes

Assign each box a number and a color. Once marked with the number, record it a notebook along with that box’s contents. With the color coding option, each color corresponds to a specific room. If all yellow boxes go to the kitchen, you’ll limit the problem of having your pots and pans mixed in with your kids’ toys. Make this even simpler by placing a small sticker on the doorway of each room that matches its color. Movers will just need to glance at the door frame to know what boxes go in that room.

There’s no denying that moving is stressful. By planning ahead of time and staying organized, you can make your move successful while minimizing the stress.


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