Renovating Your Home? Questions to Ask Your Flooring Store

Home renovations are becoming increasingly popular as the housing market still hasn’t recovered since it took a hit in the last decade. Instead of moving into bigger homes, more homeowners are simply renovating their current homes, sometimes adding rooms and other times just giving it a whole new appeal. If you are currently renovating your home from the ground up, you will almost certainly be installing new flooring.


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Before beginning your project, there are some things you should know about the different types of flooring available and how they should be cared for. Here are some questions you should ask your flooring store to make absolutely sure you are buying the best product for your particular home.

Which Type of Flooring Best Suits Your Décor?

Every home has its own unique ‘character’. As a result, not all types of flooring work equally as well in every home. For example, if you live in the Southwest in an adobe style dwelling, hardwood flooring wouldn’t do. On the other hand, if you are renovating a two-story farmhouse in New England, hardwood floors would be ideal. Some choices aren’t so simple which is why you should discuss your renovation plans and show pictures of your home to a pro like Ellegant Home Design.

How Long After the Floor Is Installed Until It Can Be Walked On?

Another aspect of laying new flooring is that each type has its own unique characteristics in regards to when it can be safely walked on. Tiles and laminates can probably be walked on almost immediately but ceramic tiles and hardwood flooring takes longer to dry. You will also want to know if it is safe to move heavy appliances and furniture on freshly laid flooring and also how best to safely move those items without doing damage to your lovely new floor.

How to Care for Your New Floor

Of course it is obvious that different flooring materials will require different kinds of care. You certainly wouldn’t mop a hardwood floor with the same chemicals you would use on synthetic laminates or tiles. In fact, you wouldn’t use anything on a hardwood floor except perhaps a quality product like those carried by Armstrong that are specifically formulated for safe use on hard wood. At this point, your flooring specialist will probably advise you how best to protect your new floor and what types of equipment you can safely use when cleaning. Those fancy floor washing machines will certainly do damage to hardwood, so don’t even consider it!

These are just a few of the questions you may want to ask your flooring store while browsing the many options available to you. One rule of thumb that is always good to remember, you do get what you pay for! Sales are wonderful and perhaps the only way to save money. However, don’t think that you can go to Walmart and buy those self-adhesive tiles in order to get a floor that will last. Only a flooring specialist can advise you on what is the best floor for your needs and if it costs a bit more, at least you will have a floor that will last and you can be proud of.

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