Putting your Belongings into Long-Term Storage

Many people face the prospect of putting their possessions into storage at some point. You may be going away for an extended period, downsizing your home, or even look to store items from a business.

You can search for self storage Peterborough or any other location in the UK, and find a host of different websites all offering their storage facilities for rent. When you are looking for storage facilities, it is important that you make sure that the facilities are both secure, and also that they will protect your belongings from the elements.

If you return to collect your possessions one day and there has been a leaking roof that ruins everything, you will most likely be extremely upset. Before you commit to using a company’s premises to store your items, it is always a good idea that you physically inspect them and check them out first.

Inspecting the Storage Facilities

Most companies that are any good will offer to let you inspect their facilities before you commit to using their services. By checking the facilities out first, you can make sure that you are comfortable in storing your possessions there, and you are happy that they are going to be safe.

Security is important, so you will want to ask questions in regards to this, such as how easy it is to gain access to the facility. You will also want to see that there are plenty of security cameras in operation, which cover 100% of the facility.

You will also want to inspect the lockers that are available and look for any signs of damage. Water damage can come from flooding or even a leaking roof, and it is a good idea to ask about these specific things.

You may also wish to ask if there are any insurance policies available to cover any damage that occurs, or in case someone breaks into your unit. These points will help you to choose a good quality facility, where your possessions will be safe and secure until you are ready to collect them.

Packing up Your Belongings

When you are packing everything up that you own to place in storage, it is important to make sure that you pack your possessions correctly. By packing everything correctly you will help to make sure that there will be no damage to your belongings while they are in the storage unit.

If you are looking to store clothing, electronics, or anything else which may get damaged by the damp, you should wrap these things up in plastic bags before you put them in boxes. Make sure that you seal the bags and boxes properly, and this should help keep the damp out.

You can also get silicone tablets that will help to soak up any moisture. Also, make sure that you place the heaviest items at the bottom, when you pack your boxes, and that you use plenty of packing material.

Do not over pack the boxes, and make sure you use plenty of packing tape to seal the boxes properly. Take care when stacking your possessions in the unit, so as to prevent the boxes and items from falling over.

When you have loaded everything into your unit, lock the door and keep the key in a safe place. Also remember to keep paying the rental fee, or you may just end up losing all of your belongings!

Going Long-Term Storage of your Possessions

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