Perfecting the Prep Work for Your Next Home Improvement Job

Most people know that a certain amount of prep work needs to be done before beginning any home improvement project. This includes removing furniture, preparing work surfaces, and protecting anything that cannot be removed from the area. The more time and effort you put into getting ready to do a project, the better your end results will be.

Remove Furnishings

The first step to any home improvement project is to clear the area. This often requires you to remove all furnishings. This is especially true if you are painting or dry walling the room. It may be tempting to simply push everything into the center of the space and throw a tarp over it, but you are only risking damage to your pieces when you do this. Place all furnishings in another room. If this isn’t possible, consider relocating them to a garage, shed, or rented storage unit until all work is completed.

Prep the Work Surfaces

Many home improvement jobs require some demolition work before you begin. Make sure all dust and debris is cleaned up afterwards before you begin the actual project. When it comes to painting, the more time spent prepping the walls, the better the finished job will look. Remove any nails or screws that were used to hang wall art or decorations. Fill in all holes and sand down rough spots. Use a primer if the new color is lighter than what the walls are now, and mask off all trim, windows, and doors that you don’t want to accidently get paint on.

Protect What Cannot Be Removed

There are plenty of surfaces in a room that cannot be removed during a home improvement project. This includes floors, cabinets, and counter tops. Heavy duty surface protection such as films, adhesives, and seal tapes are ideal for covering hardwood floors, countertops, stainless steel, concrete, and carpeting. Use professional floor paper for linoleum and vinyl floors or slip resistant drop clothes. Protective films are also available to use on windows and floors to protect against dirt, grime, and stains as well as avoiding stains and scratches on countertops. These types of products can be found online from retailers like

By following these simple steps before beginning any home improvement job you will be increasing the chance of a beautifully finished project. You’ll have a new and improved area while having kept all furnishings, flooring, and countertops safe from harm.

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