Need Lloyd Flanders Cushions? Read this first!

Having beautiful, comfortable outdoor furniture has a way of motivating you to spend time enjoying the sunshine and scenery around your patio. If you own an heirloom-quality Lloyd Flanders patio set, you have a plethora of options for choosing outdoor chair cushions to achieve a fresh, updated look.

While searching for your Lloyd Flanders cushions, you will notice different grades of fabric and a corresponding range of prices. The grades are determined by the specific type of fabric, whether or not it is woven, and the complexity of the pattern. Although the prices among the grades vary, the materials all perform equally well.

Keeping your cushions beautiful is a cinch, says Wicker Paradise. Just follow the Lloyd Flanders Care & Maintenance Instructions. It would be best to keep your furniture out of direct sunlight. Although the cushions are water repellent and manufactured with drain through foam, they are not waterproof. Use outdoor furniture covers to protect against rain, as well as dirt, pollen and other natural elements. The cushions should be removed and stored in a dry location during colder months.

Lloyd and Flanders replacement cushions can be ordered online quite easily. Reputable companies can help you identify your Lloyd Flanders set so that you can be assured of receiving cushions with the correct dimensions. Beware, however — questionable websites are using Lloyd Flanders images to tout low-quality cushions. Make sure that a vendor is an authorized Lloyd Flanders dealer before you buy.

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