Natural Flooring Ideas for a New Build Home

Building a new home is an exciting process that can unleash your inner designer. Many new homeowners are interested in purchasing new builds that make use of eco-friendly, sustainable, or natural materials. This is particularly important when it comes to your flooring. Synthetic carpets may be fashionable or stain-resistant, but they can also include nasties like pesticides and chemical residues. Furthermore, carpet can absorb dust like nothing else, making it hard to clean even with an extra-strength vacuum. Look for natural alternatives that are stylish, sustainable, and easy to clean. Here are a few options for your new build home!33


You may associate cork with bulletin boards and wine bottles, but it also makes a fantastic natural flooring material. This natural substance is harvested from cork trees, which don’t have to be chopped down in order to provide their bark. This makes it a renewable source. On top of that, cork is anti-microbial, anti-flammable, and can even naturally repel certain insects! It absorbs a number of paint and stain styles, making it a durable and versatile choice.

Ceramic or Porcelain Tile

Another dynamic and durable option is tiling. Go for ceramic or porcelain tile if you want something natural. Porcelain tile in particular boasts properties that make it an ideal choice for eco-friendly new build homes. It can be cleaned without any harsh chemical cleansers, doesn’t support bacteria, mould, or fungus growth, and meets even the most stringent air quality standards.

Sustainable Wood

We all love the look of hardwood floors, but if you are searching for a building material that’s both natural and sustainable you’ll want to consider either salvaged wood flooring or wood that’s been sustainably grown. Look for wood that’s been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council or other equivalent bodies.

Natural Linoleum

You may associate linoleum with plastics, and you’d be right in many cases. When you purchase linoleum, you may be getting a product made from vinyl. However, there are natural alternatives that are created from materials like tree resin and linseed oil. These are biodegradable and long-lasting.

Wool or Cotton Carpeting

Do you still love the look and feel of carpeting? It definitely can have its place in your new home – just look for carpets created out of natural, non-treated fibres like organic wool and cotton. Wool is a great insulator as an added bonus, keeping your home warm and toasty. It also wicks away moisture which is useful if you’re accident prone or live in a humid climate!

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