Most Wanted Features in Turnkey Homes

While it’s obvious that factors like location and square footage are crucial for the sale of condos in NDG, it’s also important to note that the interior features of the property is also important. These features are often what would finally compel the potential buyer to buy. When the condo or house has the right features, you’re able to sell it much faster.

In fact, you can also attract larger offers from buyers as a result. Here are some features that homebuyers seek out, and which can even entice them to pay higher for a new condo or house:

Central Air-Conditioning

About 7 out of 10 homeowners admit that they’re willing to pay more for a house with central air conditioning. In fact, it’s so crucial that more than 60% of homebuyers regard it as “very important,” and this is the opinion of buyers in all age groups.

In surveys it’s been shown that potential homebuyers are willing to pay more than $2,500 extra for this feature. It must be noted that this extra payment doesn’t actually cover the entire cost of putting in central air conditioning. However, it may still be a worthwhile investment because it can attract more buyers and the condo may sell more quickly.

New Kitchen Appliances

Many condo owners value efficiency and convenience. That’s why they prefer condominiums in the first place, and why they want their new place already furnished with necessary appliances. About 70% of homebuyers want new kitchen appliances in their condo, and they’re willing to add more than $1,800 to the buying price.

However, homebuyers aren’t as impressed with having older appliances in the home. That’s why these appliances have to be new. People who prefer to live in condos tend to have very busy lives, and they’d rather not waste time and effort on dealing with broken appliances.

A Walk-In Closet in the Master Bedroom

This used to be an indulgent luxury, but now it’s a feature that more people are looking for in houses and even in condos. About 44% of the people in the 35 to 64 age group consider this “very important,” and 60% are willing to pay extra for it.

This type of closet is important for older adults because of practical reasons. They’ve acquired a larger collection of clothes, and they want a roomy space to store them all. In addition, there’s no question that it confers some sort of status to the homebuyer when their new condo has a walk-in closet. It’s a great space to show off to friends.

Granite Tops

The popularity of granite tops is tied in with the greater emphasis on beautiful kitchens these days. About 1 in 5 consider it an important factor, and about 55% of homebuyers say that they’d pay an average extra of $1,600 for it. A granite countertop is simply beautiful, and it sure catches the eyes of prospective owners.

Hardwood Floors

A significant number of people from all homebuyer age groups consider hardwood flooring as “very important,” and the majority will be very willing to pay more for them in fact, they’re willing to pay more than $2,000 for such a flooring solution. They’re great looking and very classy, and they’re easy to maintain.

In-Suite Master Bathroom

Older people especially look for this feature, as they’re more prone to viewing their bedroom and adjoin rooms as part of their “sanctuary.” Over the last decade or so, the interest in in-suite master bathrooms has definitely boomed.

You should really consider investing in these features if you’re planning to sell your home or condo in the near future. But even if you’re not planning to sell any time soon, consider them anyway. It’s very likely that you’ll enjoy them too!

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