Modular Construction in Commercial Real Estate


The improving quality of prefabricated and modular construction means they are increasingly being used in new commercial building projects. Due to their quality, these buildings are becoming increasingly valuable. This is having an impact on real estate.

Advances in modular construction
Modular construction has always had the advantage of being more commercially viable than traditional construction. Because units can be prefabricated in specialised sites, modular construction lends itself to the advantages of traditional factory processing and manufacture, dividing labour between certain processes.

In the past, modular buildings have largely been let down by the quality of the materials used and the limitations placed on the materials because of the need to transport modular units around the place. However, with advances in technology, manufacturing technique, architectural design and civil engineering, new modular constructions are long lasting and make great structures for growing commercial properties which can either be temporary or permanent.

Simple modular constructions
There are a range of very simple modular constructions available such as small shelters which can be attached to the external part of buildings. These can either be attached to temporary or permanent modular buildings. Because they do not have any limitations on construction, modular shelters can be long lasting and can increase the value of a commercial property.

Temporary constructions
For many realtors who have bought land for commercial use, or indeed companies or businesses looking to build new offices, one of the quickest ways to get the land up and running and start earning money is by installing modular office units. These can be installed quickly and have all the benefits of a normal office. Using the land efficiently in this way will immediately increase the value of the plot. Even if you are only using the modular office units as a temporary space, one of the great advantages of modern modular offices is that even if you are only using them as temporary structures, the units themselves retain their value and can be sold off second-hand.

Permanent modular constructions
Recent developments in modern construction has meant that some modular units are being regarded as permanent or long lasting structures on the property market. The popularity of modular construction as long standing buildings has begun to increase their value as property dramatically. Buying quality modular office units can be a great way to get on the commercial property ladder, especially for first time buyers looking to develop or let. For businesses, modular construction can be an incredibly cost efficient way to get a high quality working business up and running.

Style and design
A further dramatic change in modular architecture is the advances in architectural design. Architects working in this field have tried to disassociate the buildings from their prefabricated past. Design projects with unique and aesthetic features, some of which look modern and stylish, blend in beautifully with the surrounding architecture.


Jennifer has been reviewing and writing about trends in the property and construction industry for more than twenty five years. She writes regular features and property reviews for a range of trade journals, magazines and online media. She has recently been reviewing a range of quality modular buildings in the commercial property sector.

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