Look After The Wildlife In Your Garden, And They’ll Look After You


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Sometimes, we are too quick to bemoan the garden wildlife visitors. In particular, the pests can be a major problem when growing plants and vegetables. However, it is important to remember that your garden is an ecosystem. No matter how small, it is the home to certain animals, wildlife and insects. It is in your interests not to disrupt the natural ecosystem too much. In fact, you should make it your goal to improve this ecosystem.

By encouraging wildlife into your garden, you are encouraging a more natural environment. In a traditional ecosystem, there is a circle of life. There is a food chain that is rarely questioned. The pests and insects are at the bottom of this food chain. Without the larger animals like birds, hedgehogs and squirrels, the pests thrive. By encouraging the larger wildlife animals into your garden, you will help eliminate pests.


Birds, in particular, love to splash around in water. They like to have a few safe places they know that they can drink from out of harm’s way. Remember, they are cautious of cats and other larger prey. Provide a safe environment for birds to stop by and drink. This could be a small pond or even something as simple as a bird bath. You may need a small decking area to set the birdbath up. Try Patio Living Perth’s decking for ideas.

Plants and trees

In a natural ecosystem, larger animals need plants and trees to provide shelter and food. The best tactic to use here is to stick to native plants and trees. Animals and birds stick to what they know and are comfortable with. With that in mind, research the local plants and flowers and try to match these in your garden.

Put out food

The easiest way to entice birds and hedgehogs into your garden is to put food out. Birds love fat blocks and seeds. Sprinkling seeds around the birdbath or pond is a sure fire way to attract visitors. Hedgehogs, on the other hand, love cat food. Leaving a small bowl out overnight will attract them out. They will then keep your garden clear of insects and pests.

Avoid pesticides

Using pesticides often seems like the fastest and easiest way to deal with insects and greenflies. We all know that they feast on your vegetables and plants. However, pesticides are incredibly dangerous to the environment and wildlife. The toxins get into the soil and spread into the surrounding area. They can get into rivers and destroy the ecosystem there too. More immediately, they can kill the larger animals in your garden. You need these animals for a more effective pest control.

Nest boxes

Finally, you can encourage the presence of birds with nest boxes. Birds love to find a fully formed home for their eggs and you can provide this. You can buy a nest box from most homeware stores, or simply make one yourself. Attach it to a tree and watch the birds flock in. They’ll be out catching insects from your garden for their newborns in no time.

Try to encourage as natural an ecosystem as possible. When you achieve a natural cycle, your pest problem will vanish. All that without using any harmful sprays and chemicals.

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