Landscape Ideas for Homeowners on a Budget

If you’ve recently purchased a new home, you know that you’ll want to do everything that you can to make it your castle. However, if you’re limited on funds, you may be wondering what you can do with your overgrown lot. The following landscape ideas are for Homeowners on a tight budget.

Implement a Plan

Before you begin to plant shrubs, bushes, trees and flowers, you want to come up with the right plan. If you’re trying to achieve a stunning outdoor space come spring, you need to find some ideas that will do well in your garden space. In addition to drawing up plans at your nearest garden center or on your laptop, you need to take into consideration your climate, rainfall amounts and amount of sun exposure. You can also find some useful information on home and garden sites on the Internet.

Plan for Shade

If you live in a community where shade is a premium, you want to plant a few trees around your home. In addition to providing your home with some added beauty, a prime planting location can help cut down on air condition bills come summer by shielding your home from the sun.

Seasonal Buys

Most homeowners head to their local home improvement stores in early spring to begin the planting season. However, plants, flowers, shrubs and trees can be at their most expensive during the prime season. If you’re looking to add on to your landscape and stay within budget, you want to stock up on vegetation at the end of the summer. In addition to it being a great time to plant, you’ll save on the many seasonal close out sales.

Divide and Conquer

If you already have a hearty stock of perennials in the ground, don’t be afraid to divide them up. Spring and fall are ideal times of the year when you can divvy up your cone flowers, bee balm, butter cups, lilies and other perennial plant life. Plants that spread can be cost-efficient ways for you to fill up empty spaces throughout your garden.

Check Your Irrigation System

If you currently have an irrigation system, you’ll want to have it inspected before you put it to good use. A licensed plumber can check the lines for leaks and other issues. They can also assess the placement of the sprinkler systems to ensure that your lawn and garden will reap the most benefits from the additional moisture.

Pick Wisely

Plants and flowers that won’t do well for your particular climate and region will only be a waste of money in the end. While you may get caught up in filling your cart with nature’s bounty, you want to make sure that the particular plant can withstand your areas soil and temperatures. You also want to pay attention to the directions on the container. Plants that thrive in well-drained, sunny locations should be planted in an area that is both bright and dry.

Community Share Program

If you live in a friendly neighborhood, you may want to start a community share program. Neighbors can get together and divide specific plants and flowers that they have in abundance and share them with other community members. This allows everyone the chance to learn about other species of plants and add to their garden without having to spend any money.

Buy in Bulk

Your local hardware store can be a goldmine when it comes to adding to your landscape. From trees and shrubs to perennials and annuals, their truckload of merchandise can be a lot less expensive than the average nursery. It’s also a great place to purchase mulch, soil and mushroom compost. You can also look around your local municipality for companies that are looking to give away dirt and mulch for free.



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