Is Your HVAC Contractor in Florida Licensed?

When you find an air conditioning contractor in Florida, the very first thing to do is to verify if the company is licensed or not. But how will you check if the AC company you hire is reliable or not? Read on.


l  The first and foremost step to ensure if the company is licensed or not is by visiting the official website of the state of Florida by clicking here.

 While this may not prevent you completely from poor service, it will at least save you from plain scammers and frauds, and give you a relief you are working with a legal AC contractor.

Please note that ‘’ isn’t the official site to verify license of HVAC contractors, though it has almost the same information as given in the official site ‘’.

Click on ‘License Search’ in ‘Featured e-Government Services’ section at the top of the page; it’s highlighted in bright red.

Click On ‘A’ and you will find ‘Air Conditioning Contractor’ in the list. You may check out the different types of services and professions that need licenses to work legitimately in Florida before clicking on ‘Air Conditioning Contractor’.

This will be tremendously helpful when you are doing a business with someone for the first time, without verifying their credibility and authenticity. With this approach, you can at least know that their business is registered on the official site of the state.

 Move ahead and click on ‘Air Conditioning Contractor’. You will find 4 types of search options here. As we are verifying for a specific company, the first option is the most suitable one to go on. Select ‘Search By Name’ and click on ‘Search’ button at the end.

Now , here you simply need to enter air conditioning company information and click on ‘Search’.  If you can’t find the AC company at the first go, you may better try again by slightly adjusting the search keyword or phrase. If at all, you fail trying it for once or twice, you may directly ask the company representative what name they are licensed under.

A license is of course the first check in hiring process of a AC contractor in Florida. But, this alone doesn’t guarantee the quality work at the best prices. You may further check if the company is accredited by the BBB (Better Business Bureau) or not. Additionally, you may visit the website to learn what services they offer and expertise in the field.

Most of the Cape Coral and Fort Myers air Conditioning companies have websites today. You may check customers reviews if published on the site, request a no-obligation quote online, or find contact number and directly talk to a company representative regarding your needs.

Finding best company in Cape Coral air Conditioning Installations can be a lot easier and faster with the help of the internet. So, what’s stopping you now? Your best AC service provider is just a mouse-click away!

Author Bio: Samaira has immense knowledge about Cape Coral air Conditioning installations, repairs, replacements and maintenance services. She is a professional content writer who enjoy cooking and traveling when not on desk.

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