How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

Most people will realize they have an issue with bed bugs when they develop one of the following signs:

  • Red itchy marks on your skin- there can be as many as 200 in one night!

  • Difficulty sleeping due to being constantly uncomfortable.

  • Small rust spots on your bed sheets; this is blood left behind by the bed bugs.

  • A musty odor like damp towel smell.

If you think you have the dreaded bed bugs then you need to take prompt action. Their bite will not give you infections but it will disrupt your sleep and leave you feeling miserable as you scratch all day.

If you’re wary about dealing with these little creatures by yourself then it’s a good idea to call the exterminators. They’ll make sure your entire house is properly treated and the bed bugs eradicated.

However, it is worth performing the following steps in order to get rid of bed bugs. You can always call a reputable pest control firm to assist.

Removing The Bed Bugs

The first thing to note is that bed bugs are very tough creatures but they cannot stand high heat for any length of time. You’ll need to remove all your bedding and any clothes the bed bugs may have got to. This includes items you’ve left on the floor.

Then wash the items on a hot wash and dry them in a hot dryer for at least 20 minutes; this will ensure the bed bugs are dead.

Following this it’s a good idea to scrub your mattress. Bed bugs retreat into corners and creases during the day. You need to use a stiff brush and scrub all the seams to ensure the bed bugs are exposed.

You can then vacuum your room thoroughly and the mattress.

It is worth taking your bed apart as the bed bugs will hide in all the joins; you want to remove them completely.

Top Tip: Bed bugs can easily move from one room to another. If you’re taking anything out of your room for washing or any other reason you must put it inside a plastic bag. As soon as the items are in the wash dispose of the bag.

Check Your Flooring

Bed bugs can move between rooms and even into the walls through tiny holes in your floors and walls. You need to locate any small hole; even those surrounding pipes and then seal the hole. This will ensure the bed bugs are trapped in one area; making it easier to deal with the infestation.

Of course once the bed bugs are gone this will also help to prevent them returning.

Bed bugs are tiny; full grown they are about the size of an apple seed. This can make it very easy to miss them or misdiagnose the problem. This is the real reason why you should consider getting professional help as soon as you think you have an issue.

Bed bugs multiply relatively slowly compared to most other insects. The egg takes 10 days to hatch; but there can be hundreds of eggs. The sooner you start treating the issue the easier it will be to eradicate the issue.

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