How to get prepared for the first consultation with your workers’ compensation attorney?

After getting injured at a workplace, the victim must have tons of questions in his mind, including whether he should consult an attorney or not? Will he/she get paid for those massive medical bills? Whether he or she will get all the lost wages or not? Well, all these questions have a single answer, which is to consult the best fit lawyer.

The injured workers can get their compensation either from the employer or from the insurance company. And when it comes to meeting the attorney, it includes all the required discussions regarding all the strengths and weaknesses of the claim.

The stuff victim needs to bring on the first consultation:

The victim should come to have the first meeting with the lawyer, fully prepared. This is all about what the victim has to present in his favour about the whole incident. And the victim should bring as much information and documents as he can at the first consultation.

As these documents might help the attorney to understand the situation to the fullest and present it more efficiently. So, here is a list of a few documents you should gather to show to your attorney:

  1. The entire report of the necessary information like date and exact situations under which the incident happened.
  2. The legal records of employment, including all the important dates like hiring date and assigned duties.
  3. All the latest bank statements regarding the salary transactions.
  4. All the necessary information regarding the treatment, including the contact number of physician, medical bills, diagnosis, pictorial proofs of the injuries and phone number of eyewitnesses, if any.
  5. All the proof of conversations between you and your employer, including all the letters or emails, if any.

Well, the attorneys having expertise in such claims will make the best use of this information and present the case legally. Moreover, you can also search online for labor and industries attorney Tacoma to get in touch with the best in town.

What to ask your lawyer?

Deciding for a right lawyer is perhaps the most challenging part of this whole situation. And this first consultation meeting is a very important opportunity to judge whether the attorney will be suitable for your case or not after prior research.

Well, you first need to be assured of the experience of the attorney as a good experience in the concerned claims is a very important feature to be considered while hiring. So, here are some of the questions that need to be answered before filing the claim:

  1. The victim should first ask about the lawyer’s success rate in such workers’ compensation claims.
  2. Is the attorney going to handle the case personally or not?
  3. What is the attorney going to charge for such cases?
  4. How long can it take to get the compensations?

These questions better need to be asked so that any misunderstandings can be avoided.


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