Home Theater Features

A good home theater system can actually enhance your home entertainment experience and viewing pressure. Quality home theater systems provide an audio-visual experience that is similar to that of the movie theater. First-Time home theater buyers would do well to purchase a home theater kit that features most of the components needed for your theater. It is important to find one that provides the best sound quality in order to have the best viewing experience. In addition, there are many other features that a home theater system should have for optimum performance. Here is a list of the best home theater features, and hopefully these help you choose your ideal theater system.


Receiver Wattage

Buyers should focus on the power output of the receiver. This is best achieved by simply weighing the receiver, a heavy unit has a higher power transformer than a lighter one and therefore can pull more power from the socket.

Parts Needed

For an average size room, you will only require a 5.1 receiver, five speakers and a subwoofer. Whereas larger rooms should upgrade to a 7.1 receiver, use seven speakers and one subwoofer.

Speaker Wattage

Speakers need to adequately match the receiver wattage. If the receiver wattage exceeds that of the speakers, you run the risk of blowing them out. To be on the safe side always get speakers with a higher wattage than your receiver.

Wireless / Bluetooth Technology

Wireless and Bluetooth speakers give you more versatility when it comes to speaker placement and gives you a clearer sound. Buyers may also want to invest Bluetooth adapters that plugs into the receiver and allows you to transmit from your cell phone tablet and computer.

The Player

Look for a player that is capable of playing DVDs, Blue- rays and 3D Blue-rays.

Now that you know some of the best features for home theaters be sure to take these into consideration before you buy your next theater system. And for all the latest in home theater technology, be sure to visit harmanaudio.com. Find deals on Harman Audio products be certain to visit groupon.com.

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