Heating the Pond

As the darker nights draw in, it’s important to make sure that you have the right heating system in your garden pond. After a summer spent cultivating and tending to your fish and plants, a cold winter can spoil the healthiest pond, costing you time and money.

In the summer months, plants provide essential oxygen for fish, but as the weather changes and plants die off, the rotting waste releases toxic gasses. Add to this fish waste and other decaying matter and a lethal blend is created. If allowed to freeze over, the fumes can’t escape and can suffocate and poison fish.

The purpose of a pond heater is not to heat the water, but to ensure that the surface does not freeze. Many work by creating a blow hole from which the toxic gases can escape, and essential oxygen can enter the water, keeping your fish healthy. A float will sit on the surface, allowing you to ensure it’s working all winter long.

The blow hole that is created allows for light feeding and also benefits wildlife throughout the colder weather, which also adds to the natural beauty of your pond. So you can enjoy it all year round.

Pond heaters from Swell UK can be left in the pond all year round. Covered cables mean that it is protected from all types of weather and needs little maintenance. Simply install in warmer weather, and activate when needed – that way you are ready for that first cold snap!

Heating a Koi Pond

A pond heater can also be used all year round to ensure that a Koi pond is kept at the right temperature in our variable climate. Koi thrive in warmer water, so a pond heater is a key piece of kit to encourage growth, health, and vitality. The heater is plumbed in to the workings of the pond, to make sure the whole body of water is kept at the optimum temperature.

Not only does warmer water keep your Koi in the best climate, it also boosts their immune system and reduces the amount of stress upon the fish, thanks to the regulated temperature. A pump must be used alongside to ensure that the water keeps moving and lessen the chance of freezing.

Prepare your Pond for winter

Before you install your heater, it’s a good idea to remove all debris and sludge from the bottom of the pond, to ensure that you start the colder season with as little build-up as possible, which helps to limit the amount of noxious vapours.

Remember to keep your pump running even in cold weather as this too encourages the dissemination of oxygen and keeps the water surface moving, which can help to stop it freezing.

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