Essential Must-have Accessories to Stock a Frugal Kitchen

Whilst cooking is extremely fun and for the most part very easy, it can be an absolute nightmare trying to make even the simplest of things if you don’t have the right kitchen accessories. Far from being expensive, many of these things are available at absolute bargain prices.

If you’ve just moved into a new house and currently find yourself very low on kitchen utensils or similarly are look to sort out your kitchen and want to invest in some new accessories that fit right in, here’s a quick list of seven of the most essential kitchen wares you simply cannot do without.

Green Kitchen

Pots and pans

Pots and pans are key. You can usually buy them in sets which are often great value for money. Make sure that you’ve got a few different sizes in there meaning that they’ll be able to hold anything you throw at them, be it pasta, rice, soup, or anything that needs boiling.

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Set of knives

Dicers, choppers, separated edged, without a good set of knives cooking can be an impossible task. Again, knives can be very reasonable in price but it’s good not to go too cheap as you may have to sharpen them regularly. Try to aim for something mid-ranged and priced at around £15 to ensure you get the best quality at the best price.

Wok or frying pan

A wok or a shallow frying pan is essential when you are cooking meats. Really inexpensive and highly versatile they are the perfect solution to a whole lot of dishes; from curries to a Full English. Try to find one which you can hand up with a screw hook to make sure it stays completely out of the way when not in use.

Getting the Most Out of Your Kitchen

Can opener

This one really needs no explanation! You’d be wrong if you think there’s never going to be a time when you’ll need one.

Chopping board

Chopping boards are very important. Not only do they stop your surfaces from being scuffed and marked by knives but they also provide a durable, non-slip place for you to chop your vegetables quickly. If anyone’s ever tried chopping things on a bare surface you’ll know how time consuming it can be. Available for just a few pounds, don’t do without one in your kitchen!


Draining your rice and pasta whilst holding a plate over the top of the pan and letting the water dribble out can be a little annoying and may result in big portions of your dinner being accidentally thrown away!

Hand whisk

For those of you wanting a little more flexibility with your dishes, invest in a hand whisk. Great for soups, gravies and deserts they can really help make small work out of big dishes.

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