Enhance Your Home Decor With The Right Ceiling Lights

Ceiling lights can make a huge difference to your home and choosing the the right fixtures can create a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

Size Matters:
The size of fixture required will depend on what room it is to go in. Generally, your light fixtures should be in proportion to the size of the room and furniture. The main exception to this is if you are looking for a statement light fixture, such as a chandelier or a modern designer piece. Even if you are looking for a statement piece, the light fixture shouldn’t overwhelm the rest of the room. It is possible to create a focal point without throwing the room out of balance.


Where To Hang Your Fixtures?
If your room is square, you will probably want to put any ceiling fixture right in the centre to ensure even distribution of light and good balance. If your room is a long, rectangular shape, you probably want two or more ceiling lights to ensure the whole room is lit up. Evenly spacing your fixtures will create a well-lit room. If your room is an irregular shape, such as an L-shaped hallway or kitchen, you might choose to highlight certain areas with ceiling light fixtures. In a dining room, a ceiling light looks particularly good directly over the centre of the table. This is not only practical, providing a good amount of light to those dining or working at the table, but also creates a pleasant, warm ambience around the table, which is likely to be the focal point of the room.

What Style Is Best?
The ceiling lights you choose will depend on the type of home you have and on your other decor. Traditional light fixtures work well in most homes, whereas minimalist properties can take stark, modern designs. The style you choose will also depend on whether you want your lighting to be a real feature of your room or just to provide ambient lighting. If you like making a focal point of lighting, you will probably want to choose a more eye-catching and adventurous fixture. If you prefer lighting to do its job and not attract attention, there are plenty of simple fixtures available.

Types Of Ceiling Lights
There are countless styles of ceiling lights but most fall into one of several main categories. Pendant lights are suspended from the ceiling and are covered with regular lightshades or glass globes to diffuse the light from the bulb. Chandeliers are a timeless classic and come in a range of styles and sizes. Ideal for those who want to add glamour and elegance to a room, they can be a great focal point. Recessed lighting is installed into the ceiling and sits flush with the ceiling. It is great for providing ambient light and is non-obtrusive in rooms where you don’t want the light fixture to be a feature. Track lighting is fitted onto a metal track and is great for kitchens. The individual lights can be positioned facing in different directions so light can be directed to where it is needed, for example onto kitchen worktops.

Alice Aires is a freelance writer and interior designer. She is always on the lookout for high quality stylish ceiling lights to enhance the homes of her clients.

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