Do You Have Old Oak Beams? Here’s Why You Should Retain and Restore Them

Wooden beams have been around for centuries, and they have certainly been used in many homes and buildings not just to lend character and personality to the property or abode, but also to give it more structural integrity. Beams are highly useful and practical, that’s for sure, but if you have old oak beams in your property and are thinking of what you can do with them, there are plenty of reasons why you should retain and restore them rather than do away with them altogether. In fact, doing away with or destroying your old oak beams could well be one of the worst decisions you could make for your property, particularly since wooden beams are a lot more valuable nowadays. But how can you benefit from restoring and retaining the old oak beams in your abode or place of business? Here’s how.

It’s a timeless and classic material

Today, it’s more difficult to find materials such as oak, and even if you do find oak materials used for properties, it is undoubtedly one of the most expensive materials around. Oak is known for its sturdiness, and everyone knows it can last for years – even decades and centuries. Wood such as oak has a timeless and classic appeal that remains unmatched and compared to other types of wood, oak beams can be quite beautiful and elegant. Oak is strong, but more than this, it is also flexible and versatile, which makes it the wood of choice for many. But what makes oak extra special is the fact that as it ages, it will look even better. The wood itself will acquire more personality and character, especially as it develops tiny or minute splits (referred to as shakes) which give the wood an appealing, aged look. Another aspect that contributes to the appeal of oak beams is that light can diffuse more gently from wooden beams compared to concrete or steel beams, which can give any room a subtler glow.

You can style them as you prefer

There are some excellent oak beam restoration specialists, such as, who can restore your oak beams and give them an attractive and appealing, more aged yet natural look with the use of various finishes, including warm oak, weathered oak, and traditional oak. If you would like to go completely rustic, you can opt for the weathered oak beam finish, but if you want something a bit more modern, you can go for the warm or traditional oak beam finish. You can select a beam finish that suits your overall building style and theme and your fancy, and the experts will also make sure to use a non-chemical process designed to enhance the natural appeal of your wooden oak beams.

It is inherently strong

Oak is amongst the strongest of woods, if not the strongest, and if you are fortunate enough to have oak beams in your property, you will also be glad to know that they are inherently strong. As already mentioned, your oak beams can reinforce the stability and solidity of your building or structure, and one amazing fact about oak is that it actually becomes stronger and harder with age. Oak, as a material, also has a low weight combined with a high density, and over the years, the wood may decrease in width, but it will never decrease in length.


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