Decorating Essentials For Small Spaces

When it comes to decorating, you will find no shortage of resources on how to work with a large and airy space. While large spaces are fantastic, what should you do when you are dealing with a space that might measure less than fifteen feet along one wall? When you are buying Twin XL bedding for your dorm bed or you have moved into a new micro apartment, there are a number of options for you when it comes to decorating.


Light Bedspread

When you go shopping for that college room bedding, you need to keep it light. A bedspread that is too dark is going to eat your room, and you will find that it can cause an atmosphere of gloom the way that it would not in a larger room. Choose something bright with a large pattern if you want it to have a pattern.



Consider replacing the existing light with daylight spectrum CFL bulbs. This is a great chance for you to really maximize the potential of your space, so stop for a moment and think about where you can put some lamps. Several lamps often do more for a space than one overhead light, which can give things a rather harsh and uninteresting flat look. If you are looking at a college dorm, why not think about putting up Christmas lights for something very sweet, or large paper lanterns for something that is a little more out there.



Plants might seem a bit like a waste of space if you are dealing with a small square footage, but the truth is that they can add life to your room. Too many people think that they cannot take care of plants, but if you are at least paying attention, you will be able to care for some very tough options. For example, keep an eye out for dracaena, also known as lucky bamboo, which does well even with minimal water and sunlight.


Cover the Walls

There is nothing quite so distressing as institutional blank walls. Blank walls can be distressing and even depressing over time. Make sure that you cover the walls with things that you like, whether they are shadowboxes, posters, tapestries or nice framed pictures of your loved ones. Covering up your walls can make a huge difference to how your small space looks, so consider how you would like to do it.


There are so many ways to really turn a small space around. Consider how you can turn the small space that you are living in into a space that really works for you!

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