Consumer Confidence Reflected in the Property Market

The property market recovered in London and the rest of the regions of the UK followed on. The return in consumer confidence has ensured that the growth has continued despite the fact that it has not been uniform throughout the country. It does mean that property investment is once again on the agenda. That applies to businessmen who want to build a portfolio as much as to families who either want to improve their existing homes or to move somewhere bigger. All this is good news for people wanting to sell and for the construction industry that went through a period of lean years after the problems created by the financial crisis of 2007.

Buyers’ Difficulties

On the other hand some buyers are finding it difficult to compete with several people after the same property. It is not something that is happening everywhere but it is frustrating where it is. The answer is for buyers to be able to proceed quickly which will always be attractive to sellers who are equally keen to get moving. That means having the finance or the agreement of finance in place before actually beginning the round of viewing. If that status can be confirmed by a third party such as a solicitor then that is even better.

Buyers would like to be in a stronger position and be able to find exactly what they want and negotiate a good price at the same time. There have been many times over the years where buyers have found that is not possible. The tide will turn again and the pressure may come back on sellers to ensure they are offering something a little out of the ordinary when they put their properties on the market.

Improvements an Option

Suppliers are finding there is a proportion of people who simply want to stay put and, with interest rates at a historic low, prefer instead to modernise or extend their homes to make better use of the space they have. If they think about creating more light for example they may decide that French doors out into the garden would be a relatively cheap improvement yet one that would increase their enjoyment of the house and catch the eye of a future buyer.

Check Suppliers

Companies like have a range of alternatives. They can be supplied specifically to order and fitting is just a minimal disruption. People whose houses are on an estate where the design has been fairly uniform can personalise their home by making such changes at little cost. It is certainly something worth thinking about. It does not compromise the property in any way because UPVC doors and frames with double glazed glass provide a perfect seal to prevent any chance of draughts. Have a look today and ask any questions that come to mind.

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