Common Damages Caused By Termites

Termites’ infestation is known to cause damages worth $5 billion in the USA every year. This figure constitutes damages to residential and commercial property. In as much as termites appear to be slow and less harmful, they can cause severe damages in houses if not dealt with.

You will see mud channels build on surfaces, halls created on wood and wings shed off on house’s entry points. These are some of the signs that show your home is infested by termites. According to experts from Rove Pest Control in Boston, here are some of the common damages that termites can impose on your house that will require immediate intervention.

Roof Damages

Termites can invade the roof especially if it is made of wood and it has some cluttered objects on it. Roof and ceiling can be feasted by termites to the extent that the ceiling starts to sag downward. You will not notice this infestation at the beginning, but as time goes by, you will see the signs. When the roof supporting wood is consumed by termites, your roof loses support, and it becomes weak.

Wall Damages

Walls are dirtied by the mud tunnels built by termites. If the wall is made from weak materials, it is going to reduce in integrity and make your house prone to collapse. Wall damages occur because the termites burrow through the wall as they try to form new habitats for new colonies. A large population of termites may lead to your home falling if they consume the wall materials.

Foundation Damage

Every home has a foundation, and the foundation is the basis of support. Termites, the subterranean type, likes to forage in the soil to find food. As the termites do this, they compromise the soil that is supporting your house’s foundation. This will make your house to become unstable, and you may be forced to rejuvenate the foundation. Treat your soil with insecticides to prevent termites from living inside your home’s foundation.

Furniture Damages

Your tables, beds, chairs, and storage cabinets are at risk if you have termites’ infestation. They burrow inside the wood to create holes and tunnels. Many furniture pieces will become useless unless they get repaired or refurbished. Termites in wood can also be heard if you listen closely, they make a rattling sound. You can treat your furniture to prevent termites’ infestation in your house.  Carpets and wooden floors can also be compromised especially if termites stay in a house for long.

Floors and Carpets

Floors made of wood are at risk of being damaged by termites. Most termites burrow the wooden part of the floor.  Burrowing precipitate the formation of holes and fissures which could compromise the quality and attractiveness of your home.







From the above information, every part of your home is significant. Don’t allow termites to reside inside, outside or around your home. Call a professional if the infestation is so severe and the damage being incurred is a threat to the quality of your house. Termites that reside in enclosed areas cannot easily be eliminated so you will need to hire a professional.








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