Lawrence of La Brea Rugs

In the Coen Bros. cult classic The Big Lebowski, L.A. marijuana enthusiast and frequent bowler Jeffrey Lebowski is caught up in a Raymond Chandler-esque kidnapping plot. Like many detective stories of old, it starts off with a fairly simple case: someone vandalized his rug, and he wants a replacement. After all, the rug “really tied the room together.”   Often, some of the most luxurious rugs you’ll find anywhere in the country are found in L.A. So it’s only fitting that Lebowski’s Read more [...]

The Eco-Friendly Sofa You Need

It’s that time again; you’ve been bitten by the decorating bug. Whether it’s because you’ve recently moved, your old furniture should be put out to pasture, or you just want something new, you’re ready to update your home. Before you make the mistake of simply driving down to the nearest box store and choosing from their limited selection to find a sofa immediately, you consider what sort of sofa you and your home needs. When you avoid the quickest option and take the time to really think Read more [...]

The Rise of Faux Wood

Once upon a time, any material that had just been designed to mimic another was immediately cast aside. They were seen as a "poor man's version" to the alternative and generally didn't take to the market at all. In the case of faux wood, at least in the window blinds market, this has proved to be an exception. While it is unlikely to ever dwarf the standard wood market, the popularity of faux wood blinds has risen to an extent that nobody could have ever predicted. They have become one of the most Read more [...]