How to Be Energy Efficient in the Kitchen

A lot of people may not realize this but there are many ways to efficiently utilize energy in the kitchen. Here are bits of advice from an energy consulting firm to help you save energy by properly using your refrigerator, dishwasher and other common kitchen appliances. Refrigerators You can check the EnergyGuide label on the latest refrigerators so you’ll know how much electricity they consume in one year. They provide this information in kWh (kilowatt-hours) and the smaller the number, the Read more [...]

Why it is important to choose enery saving home appliances

Appliances that meet specifications set by the federal government for energy efficiency receive an ENERGY STAR label. To earn the label, appliances must offer significant energy savings and cut down on greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants. Buying an appliance with this label benefits consumers and the environment in many ways. Cutting Down on Greenhouse Emissions   Image via Flickr by otodo Electricity created by burning fossil fuels releases carbon dioxide gas into the Read more [...]

The Eco-Friendly Sofa You Need

It’s that time again; you’ve been bitten by the decorating bug. Whether it’s because you’ve recently moved, your old furniture should be put out to pasture, or you just want something new, you’re ready to update your home. Before you make the mistake of simply driving down to the nearest box store and choosing from their limited selection to find a sofa immediately, you consider what sort of sofa you and your home needs. When you avoid the quickest option and take the time to really think Read more [...]

How to garden organically

One of the main reasons many of us turn to growing our own produce is to control the amount of harmful chemicals and pesticides we expose ourselves to via food. Organic fruit and vegetables used to be something that only hippies and tree huggers would go for, but it’s increasingly becoming a dirty word in the general public. They have been linked to diseases like cancer and Alzheimer’s disease, and washing your fruit and vegetables does little to rid them of pesticides. Worse still, commercially Read more [...]

How to Fund Your Home’s Eco Upgrades

The subject of global warming has become less controversial over the years with 97% of climate experts agreeing on the subject. There are lots of ways each of us can reduce our individual carbon footprints through changing our habits, whether that be changing the way we drive or recycling waste and unwanted products. Many people also see the value of changing certain parts of their home to help the environment too. The problem is changes such as solar paneling or insulation can be expensive. However, Read more [...]