Build The Perfect Backyard Ice Rink Without Any Tools

Turn your backyard into your own winter wonderland with a backyard ice rink. Having your own ice rink means the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors on your own terms. It is a great way to get in shape, practice your figure 8’s, and play hockey or just a fun and exciting way to bond with your family. And best of all, you can build it yourself without any tools!


A skating rink kit enables you to build your own backyard rink without the use of tools or additional materials. Instead, the rink kit provides an easy-to-assemble framework for containing the water for your rink, using polypropylene tubes and liners. The kit features flexible, simple-to-snap caps and a unique cap system to safeguard the liner from shovel and skate nicks.

A quality rink liner is the key to a spectacular ice rink. The rink kit includes a black/white single ply liner that is available in many different sizes to compliment a variety of different backyards, and it is UV coated for lasting results. The liner includes your choice of seasonal or heavy duty, depending on how long you want it to last. Once your rink is assembled, you will then need to add the water. You can use a traditional hose to fill your rink but this may result in bubbling and other issues, which translates to an uneven ice surface. You can also order a wand attachment that is designed with a flow control feeder and a terrycloth spreader to distribute water smoothly and evenly across the surface, for perfect results every time. And, since it is comprised of rust-free aluminum with brass valves and fittings, it can stand up to harsh conditions. is called “Canada’s Backyard Rink Store” for a reason. They provide easy to assemble rink kits and all the accessories you’ll need to build a perfect backyard rink. With backyard rink accessories, you can customize your rink for even more fun. Do you see yourself in a vigorous battle of hockey just like your favorite hockey player? A pond hockey net will transform your rink into the hockey stage of your dreams. Canada’s backyard rink stores supply rink kits, rink liners, pond nets, and all of the other accessories necessary to build a backyard ice rink without any additional tools or lumber and it only takes 2 hours to set up. All materials are ordered online and delivered by FedEx ground shipping quickly.

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