Beyond Lawn Mowing: Breaking Down the Services That Keep Your Yard Looking Warm and Welcoming

Having the perfect yard is more than tidying up garbage and mowing the lawn once a week. You need to include other aspects into your yard maintenance plan. Forgetting them could lead to a yard that isn’t very welcoming.

From weeding to seeding, here are the different types of services your yard needs to keep it looking warm and welcoming.


Start with the lawn. It is one of the main parts of the yard that everyone driving by will see. You want it to be full and green, not spotty and brown. One way to ensure your lawn survives is to use the proper seed for your climate.

Also, when fall time rolls around, you want to overseed your lawn. Even though the air may be cool, the soil will still be warm enough for grass to grow. Overseeding before winter will help protect the turf. Thick grass can withstand cold temperatures much better.

Core Aeration

During the spring months, you should consider core aeration for your lawn. The ground compacts over time, making it difficult for water and nutrients to penetrate it. Core aeration loosens up the soil which allows for water, oxygen, and nutrients to seep deep into the ground. All of this will reach the roots of the grass better.

It might not be a bad idea to aerate the lawn at the end of the hot months as well. Spending time outside can also compact the soil.

Top Dressing

Many tips to help your lawn grow thick and green start before the grass even grows. However, if you already have grass and need to boost your lawn a bit more, you can try top dressing. It can be a bit tricky as you are placing a thin layer of soil over your existing lawn, all while trying not to kill what you already have.

This technique works great if you need to level the ground due to compacted soil or removing trees from the yard. If your lawn has bare spots, top dressing will help replenish the nutrients it needs to grow grass.

Regular Pruning

It can be a tedious job, but it needs to be done. Pruning trees will not only make them look better by removing any dead branches, but it also helps the health of the tree as well. Removing the dead branches from the tree will allow for healthy new branches to grow. Also, because pruning promotes health in the tree, any trees that bear fruit will significantly benefit from pruning.

Yard Clean Up

Another task that isn’t always the favorite to do it yard clean ups. Regular yard clean up, though, will keep your property looking neat, tidy, and welcoming for visitors. Whether you have trees or the neighbor does, you’re bound to have leaves land in the yard. Rake and bag them, especially during the fall.

Pay attention to any weeds growing in the garden bed or the lawn. If you let them get out of control, they could kill what you’ve planted. It will be easier to remove weeds as soon as you notice them, so don’t put this task off for too long.

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