Béton Architectonique -Additions for Your New Home


With modern colonnes being used as part of modern house making, you may be thinking of varied interesting concrete items. Béton architectonique designs look finished and make your house appear like one of those golden era homes. Getting a renovation of your house is a big task and when you sit to decide the exteriors and interiors it often makes you check the price, the quality and the final looks.

Use the patterned or designed cornices for the side roof. You can even get it done in the living area for that royal look.  The kroonlijsten are available in fabric, snow and other variants for exteriors and interiors of a building. Those looking for getting their house interiors done in a very stylish manner opting of some attractive designs on the wall borders, cornices can be part of their choice. Kroonlijsten can be done in varied designs and patterns, which is usually of the owner’s choice.

Apart from kroonlijsten, another option in béton architectonique is gevelelementen. Ideally, they can be defined as walls made in the industry with various surface highlights, pattern and evenness to suit the variety of today’s modern architecture. These can be easily fixed by the worker and is quite light with high quality. It comes in varied appearances as polished, etched, washed-out, painted, patterned or with face work. These are the most sought after pieces in interior design today and change the way a room looks. Gevelelementen are also used in exterior of commercial buildings to make them appear vibrant and unique.

Another made up industrial help can be the colonnes. Earlier they were made by the workers with iron bars and concrete. But since the spaces are low and it is expensive to get them made at site, these can also be ordered. The colonnes are bars which provide the real strength to the building and must have enough iron, steel or concrete. Once done you can get them a coat of plaster of Paris, paint, or also get kroonlijsten made on top of it, so that they add to your existing interiors.

Designs made of concrete are not only tough but look equally attractive and have a long life. Instead of wallpapers and designer motifs, getting kroonlijsten made will definitely help you get the best comments. Very few with modern design would like to go for the concrete patterns but these look great and quite classic. You can also mix the concrete work with the nicely painted textured walls to catch the attention of the  individuals.

Since béton architectonique is also now being done industrially, it is convenient to order clones and get ready-made for your fireplace or the roof. Get the best for your house or your office interior if you really want your consumers to know about your taste and personality. With concrete building and architecture the Gevelelementen can also be given a nice touch, thanks to the different patterns in various dimensions and designs.

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