Decorating ideas for newlyweds

Once the honeymoon is over, newlyweds living together for the first time need to address the home décor issue. This can be a thorny subject and needs to be treated with sensitivity and understanding. Most adults have strong opinions about what they do and don't like and passions can run high when it comes to personal taste in home décor, but once an individual hooks up with another person and starts living with them, they also have to live with their stuff. Since the ink has only just dried on Read more [...]

How To Redecorate Without Breaking The Bank

Do you want that boutique hotel look but do not have the money to splash out on an interior designer to create it? Well look no further, as we have some top tips on how to give your home a luxurious look without costing you a fortune. Incorporate pattern and texture. This is a fabulous way to enhance any room, as it adds contrast and interest as well as creating dimension. For example, look for alternative wall coverings such grass cloth or other textured wall papers, get a chair re-upholstered Read more [...]

On the Market for a Rug? Here’s What You Need to Know

Outfitting your home with the best furniture, décor, and other embellishments can be an exciting yet challenging task. If you are particularly selective, you probably spend a good amount of time carefully choosing each and every piece of furniture or décor you bring into your home. You must also be aware of the importance of interior décor that complement each other and showcase your own personality and preferences. If you want a truly impressive home interior, then you know the importance Read more [...]