Attract Cheshire Buyers with a Luxury Kitchen

Cheshire is one of the most affluent areas in the UK and with the exception of London there are more millionaires living in the county than anywhere else. From Premier League footballers, to TV stars and famous musicians, Cheshire is the place to be, so if you are ready to market your home, you won’t be short of potential buyers.

However, despite the fact Cheshire is right up there in the property ladder, if you want to attract a footballer and his WAG you need to go the extra mile and create a home worthy of a centre spread in ‘Hello!’ magazine. So, what features should a luxury kitchen include in order to appeal to an A List buyer?

Luxury kitchens have to fulfil a variety of different functions. On the one hand the kitchen needs to look the part and be luxurious yet tasteful, but on the other it also has to be practical. Not everyone uses their kitchen, but on the basis that you don’t know what type of buyer you are going to attract, you do need to make sure appliances work and everything functions correctly. If you are not sure what you want, check out Mowlem & Co, a luxury kitchen showroom in Cheshire, for some inspirational kitchen designs.

Depending on your budget, if you have visions of selling your home to a rising Manchester United star or Coronation Street newcomer, the following design ideas might give you something to think about:

Stone Worktops

Budget kitchens come with MDF worktops whereas luxury kitchens have natural stone or marble worktops. Granite is also a popular choice for anyone looking to create a beautiful kitchen. Stone, marble and granite are hard wearing, resilient and perfect for kitchens.

Crystal Chandeliers

Who needs fluorescent lighting when you can have an elegant crystal chandelier above your kitchen island? Lighting is very important in a kitchen, but if you want to create the ‘wow’ factor, you need to install something really special such as a feature light.

A Wine Cooler

Every luxury kitchen needs a wine climate cabinet. It is the place to store your expensive bottles of champagne and fine wines. And if you also include a luxury espresso coffee machine, the refreshment needs of potential buyers will be more than adequately taken care of.

Copper Cabinets

Copper is a wonderfully luxurious material. Over time, copper matures and develops a beautiful patina and colour all of its own, which is why it can be used to such wonderful effect around the home. But what a lot of people don’t realise is that copper has fantastic anti microbial qualities, and is therefore perfect for kitchens. Use copper as a skin on kitchen cabinets, or buy copper clad appliances – the end result will be fabulous.

German Appliances

No luxury kitchen would be complete without some top of the range German appliances to make cooking and food preparation a breeze.

Designing a luxury kitchen could help you achieve a quick sale, but if you need some kitchen design advice, pay a visit to Mowlem & Co in Cheshire.

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