Are Illuminated Mirrors Really Better?

When you are looking for the perfect mirror for your bathroom you may encounter a new designer-style mirror that looks ideal for the smallest room – the illuminated bathroom mirror. The reviews for this product sound excellent, and the mirrors certainly look fresh and contemporary. But is it really worth buying one of these mirrors over a standard mirror? Are illuminated mirrors worth it? Here we investigate the advantages of a lighted mirror for your bathroom.

Direction and Strength of Lighting

It is important to be able to see your face clearly when you are shaving or applying make-up. You need a clear image of yourself in the mirror for make-up – you don’t want to get to work and check your face to discover how strange your make-up looks. Using overhead light or light from behind you makes it hard to get it right – bathroom mirror lights cast an even light over your face and eliminate harsh shadows. According to, this kind of mirror creates the right lighting for close tasks, and makes it easier to match colours and decide how much make-up to apply.

Mood and Atmosphere

It is important to remember that lighting sets the tone of the room as much as your décor choices. The bathroom is the place to relax and unwind as well as brush your teeth, do your hair and check your make-up. Ideally you want to be able to use stronger lights and more focused light for close tasks, and to wake yourself up in the morning. But you also want to be able to create a cosy and relaxing ambience for when you need to wind down with a warm bath. The illuminated mirror allows you to do this – use the mirror’s lights to focus light on the face for make-up and grooming, or switch on the mirror without the overhead light when you want a soft glow in the bathroom for taking a bath. You can use the mirror’s lights with the overhead light for creating a more energetic atmosphere in the morning.

Looks and Style

The mirror can be a focal point in the room so it pays to have a mirror that is sleek, attractive, and elegant. You can find illuminated mirrors in many different styles so you should be able to choose one that suits the look of your bathroom. Generally speaking, designer illuminated mirrors look both sophisticated and elegant. If you want a bolder look then choose a mirror with more prominent lights, or choose a double vanity with twin mirrors.

Features and Practicalities

Many illuminated mirrors have cupboards built in. A wall-mounted bathroom cabinet is a great addition to the room, particularly if you don’t have much space. Similarly, extra additions to the illuminated mirror that help seal the deal include anti-mist glass and shaver sockets.

Illuminated mirrors may be more expensive than a basic, plain mirror but the advantages add up to more than the small extra cost. Take a look at the different ranges available and find something that suits your bathroom.

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