Apartment must haves

So you’re getting an apartment – how exciting! An apartment is your own little space, a place that is yours to design and personalise. The prospect of making your apartment all about you is a thrilling one, because you might have spent all your life so far living under your parent’s rule; which may mean you were never able to pick out your own choice of wallpaper, furniture, or bedding. An apartment means independence, and it might mean you’ll be based in the heart of the city, so you’ll be on the cusp of all the latest trends. That means your apartment has got to look the part…

An LP Player

Take Your Turntable in Orange - Orange, Music, Vintage Inspired, Graduation, Variation, Travel


This turntable from Mod Cloth will allow you to play all your favourite LPs from one small, convenient player. It’s vintage in style, but it comes with the mod cons; a compact wall plug, a headphones jack, and integrated stereo speakers. It’s perfect for music lovers, or if you’re just into vintage style décor.  There are plenty of modern artists who now release their songs on LP, so you’ll never struggle to put together an epic music collection for rainy days spent inside.

Moustashe Doormat



This cute and a little bit weird doormat is also from ModCloth; moustaches have become an instant classic in the interior design world; plenty of designers are adopting this trend. The moustache is invocative of proper English design; so many people have started to love them. If you want your guests to know that someone a bit quirky and unique lives at your apartment, then we really recommend getting this doormat.

Bunny LED Lamp

bunny lamp


If you need a nightlight to keep you company in your new home, then this Bunny LED Lamp from Urban Outfitters could be perfect. It’s adorable and bright, but still quite trendy. There’s definitely an emerging interior trend coming along with woodland creatures, many designer outlets are creating lamps inspired by rabbits, squirrels and owls. Get ahead of the game and get this bunny light in your apartment now; it will also look great in your living room as a feature.

Polkadot Rug

polka dot


If you want to add something a little fun and colourful to your new apartment, this sweet print rug from Urban Outfitters will do the job. It’s a mix of bright blue and white polka-dot print and summery florals. If you’ve chosen a lot of neutral furniture then adding eclectic accessories such as patterned rugs and statement print curtains will give your room a trendy, unique and interesting style.

Tiger Cushion

tiger cushion


Finally these illustration print cushions from Ohh Deer are the perfect way to give your apartment that ‘boutique’ feel. They’re like mini works of art, which are also incredibly cosy. If you had to get quite a boring, standard sofa due to budget constraints, then pillows are an excellent way of adding some style.

This guest post was contributed by Holly Powell on behalf of Epicliverpool.co.uk, serviced apartments ideal for a city break.

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