Add Curb Appeal for Your Clinic

When it comes to the field of medicine, the majority of new patients come from targeted marketing campaigns and word of mouth. There is definitely something to be said, however, about the business that can be gleaned from people passing by – especially if you’re located on a street with a good amount of traffic. Whether you are looking to bring in traffic for your dental veneer practice, chiropractic office, or other medical establishment, the exterior of your facility can play a large role. Here are five simple things you can do to boost the curb appeal of your clinic and bring in more customers.

Update the Front Door

Even if you don’t plan to repaint the entire exterior, giving the door a fresh color or a more modern font for any text there may be can add an immediate improvement, especially if you choose a color that is visually pleasing yet not too loud. The front door is where our eyes naturally go first, as it’s where your potential clients enter and gain their first impression.

Upgrade Hardware & Street Numbers

Along with painting, exchanging old, worn, or out-of-date hardware and street address numbers for newer, more modern versions can go a long way toward giving your clinic a nice visual makeover. Try looking online for inexpensive and unique hardware options.  Be sure whatever you choose visually complements the rest of the property.


Keep the Exterior Clean

Outside appearance may seem obvious, but sometimes it can get overlooked by focusing on the interior.  A bright and clean exterior, crystal clear window and door glass, and gutters that are nice and clean can contribute significantly to the overall impression that a clinic is being cared for and that the medical professionals inside are attentive to detail and understand the importance of being tidy.


Install Window Boxes

If you have front view windows that are devoid of some light landscaping, you’re missing an inexpensive and simply opportunity to enhance your appearance. While landscaping can be an expensive venture, and planting certain types of plants that will need regular maintenance isn’t necessarily practical for a medical practice, window boxes can do a lot to add a nice and homey appearance.  Look for low maintenance plants that won’t require a lot of upkeep, and keep in mind the amount of sun available in the areas and the staff’s ability to water and care for the plants.


Add Some Landscape Edging

Even if all you’ve got out front is a few grassy areas, adding some edging can give your landscaping a nice, maintained appearance.  Edging materials like bricks, curbing or low fences help the area look refreshingly tidy.  Just be sure to keep in mind your area’s weather and any routine landscaping care like weed-whacking and mowing that could potentially affect the quality and lifetime of the edging material.


It’s easy to focus solely on the medical expertise and patient care in your clinic.  And while that’s certainly a very important aspect, don’t underestimate the power of a visual first impression.

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