5 Ways to Maximize Your Curb Appeal for Potential Tenants

Many homeowners are aware of the need to increase their home’s curb appeal before putting it on the market to sell. What few owners realize is that, in order to attract high-quality renters who will place value in the home, it needs to have curb appeal for the tenant. Many recommend standing across the street from your home and looking at it from all angles to figure out what you have to work with. Making your home beautiful can generate higher revenue from the home as well as create renters who want to maintain the beauty of the place. 

Utilize Shade
If you live in a hotter climate, think Southwest, you are going to want to utilize shade on your property. This will greatly appeal to renters who want to spend time in the backyard during the summer. Those with small children may want a shady spot to spread a blanket and let the babies play, without worrying about sunburn. If you place trees in opportune locations to block hot afternoon sun it can help keep energy costs low. 

Keep Trim
Keeping the grass well groomed is critical to the appeal of your home. Having overgrown grass automatically makes the home look neglected, no matter how immaculate your structure is. Also ensure that your trees and shrubs are pruned and looking pristine, as this can lower appeal instantly. If you feel the once a week mowing is too difficult to maintain, hire a lawn care company. Offering lawn care to a tenant is a huge plus on their end. Many families want to enjoy the benefits of having a lawn without all the maintenance. 

Weed and Feed
Make sure your lawn is free from weeds and pests by having it treated by a company. It is recommended you leave this step to the professionals though, as the chemicals can be harmful. If you have hired a lawn care company, they may be able to do all pesticides and weed chemicals after mowing as well as fertilizing the lawn for optimum results. 


Leave Room to Garden
Many tenants enjoy the appeal of having a space where they can create their own garden; whether it is simply for the beauty of flowers or if they are growing vegetables for their family. It is optimal to leave a small space of tilled earth for tenants to make their own. 


Install Sprinklers
Going along with the frequent maintenance idea, having a sprinkler system can help keep your lawn green and pristine. Tenants will enjoy never having to worry about setting sprinklers and you can rest easy knowing your home is well maintained. Having sprinkler systems and a lawn care team in place before looking for tenants can be a big advantage and may allow you a higher price point.

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