5 Ways To Burglar-Proof Your Windows

5 Ways To Burglar Proof Your WindowsEach year, over 64,000 property crimes take place in Phoenix. With so many property crimes taking place, home security is essential. Home security is only as strong as a home’s weakest entry point, and unfortunately, most homes have weak windows.

However, there are several ways that homeowners can make their home’s windows safe from burglars. Statistics show that the majority of burglars enter a home through a window. Many homeowners completely overlook windows as entry points.

Proper Locks

It’s common for homeowners to overlook the locking mechanisms that their home’s windows use. Underestimating the advantages of a good window lock can mean the difference between a safe or unsafe home. Deadbolts are excellent as window locks.

A strong window lock that is visible from the outside will certainly deter a burglar. It’s smart to install deadbolts on upper-story windows and visible, sturdy locks on basement windows. Some strong window locks will go a long way when it comes to improving window security.


An alarm is an excellent way to secure a window. Currently, there are many different types of window alarms for sale. Some families choose to install sensor alarms that will produce a loud, audible sound when a window is opened or broken.

Complex window alarms have infrared motion detection that will monitor the entire area around a window. According to LifeShield in Phoenix, an infrared alarm will activate before a window is even opened or broken, which could mean the difference between a burglar getting arrested or getting away.


Many homeowners are choosing to install bars over their home’s windows. Installing bars over a window is easily one of the best protection methods available. The installation of iron bars over your home’s windows will convert your humble abode into a fortress.

Regardless of whether a thief smashes the windows out, there is no way for the thief to gain access into your home; the iron bars do not provide enough space for the burglar to squeeze out of them. It’s also important to understand that having iron bars installed over your windows can also have some negative effects on your family.

Reinforced Glass

Another option to make your windows able to withstand a burglar attack is reinforced glass. A lot of homeowners use tempered glass to reinforce their home’s windows. Tempered glass is stronger than regular glass, harder to break and quite cheap. Laminated glass is another type of reinforced window, and it’s also called safety glass.

Plexiglas and Polycarbonate
Plexiglas windows are actually made from acrylic plastic, and they are just as thick as regular glass, but they have 10 times the strength of regular glass. Another option is polycarbonate windows, which are 250 times as strong as regular windows. Homeowners can use one or a combination of these methods to make their home’s windows deter even the skilled burglars.

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