3 Ways to Redefine Luxury Living

What do you think about when you hear the phrase ‘luxury living?’ Do you imagine having lots of money to do things? Do you imagine comfort, glitz and glamor, nice clothes, expensive accessories? Do you see yourself living in Kenny Rogers’ old mansion? What’s often interesting about the general concept of luxury living is that it’s going to be different for every single person, because the idea of ‘luxury’ itself is comparative. This can be personally, emotionally, culturally, or societally comparative, but the one thing that it can never be a static concept because of this value, which means there are ways to hack into luxury living. Consider the three following factors …

The Psychology of Space         


Considering the average person takes up about 2.5 cubic feet of space, how much square footage would be considered luxury? Now, this is obviously an absurd question when stated like that, which might give you pause to consider that space itself does not necessarily equate to luxury. It’s what you do with that space that gives it that moniker. So rather than equating square footage of living with luxury, think about filling the space that you have with value. This value can be monetary, or it can be activity or memory-based. And ultimately, each individual person gets to make that decision on a daily basis, as far as personal attitudes go.

Where Do You Spend the Most Time?      


For a more luxurious existence, first figure out where you spend the most time, and then start by adding luxury there. Spend a lot of time in your home office? Deck it out and create your own luxury home office! Pay as much as you can afford to add the things you love and the things that make you feel like you want to feel, and you will add to your own sense of space exponentially. People who make luxury spaces for rooms they never spend any time in – what sense does that make at all? Once again, this is a matter of strict personal observation and preference.

Inviting Others Into Your Space    


Luxury is not necessarily just a personal thing either. When you share luxury with others, it becomes even more valuable. And this is not about gloating or making others feel beneath you – it’s about sharing your vision of luxury with people who appreciate that bonding time with you. It’s not about power, it’s about connection. When approached from that perspective, you’ll find that people’s appreciation of your thoughts and values when it comes to a personal luxury space will dynamically increase the overall value of your basic design, and it’s this depth over time that will make for the ultimate feeling of happiness and presence.

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