10 Smart Design Ideas for Small Spaces

Small space home decoration is undoubtedly challenging. Nonetheless, it does not mean sacrificing style. Just make smart design choices and execute accordingly. Irrespective of the size of the space, you will be able to create a stunning environment that feels open and attractive with the right design and style.


1.      Curtain off a Nook

You may have an oddly shaped nook or alcove that you cannot use for any good. Turn that space into a work zone! Use a curtain to separate the area from the rest of the place. Even without the presence of an architectural bay, you can use this trick to curtain off an area across the width of a room. Hang the curtain with a thin wire suspended from the ceiling or from a rod.

2.      Make Use of Extra Closet

Make the most of your spare closet by turning it something else than just a place to store things. Use this storage compartment as a tidy home office that you can keep shut when not in use. You can also use it as a pantry and storage for additional kitchen supplies if the extra closet is near the kitchen.

3.      Use Bunk Beds

The classic bunk bed is a great furniture option for small spaces. The modern makeover of these beds allows three to four kids to share the same room. It also provides the kids enough space to play as all the beds fit into just one corner of the room.

4.      Open Shelving

Open shelving is great for kitchens running out of space. Apart from offering a storage option, it will create an illusion of spaciousness in the kitchen. Use it for displaying your favorite dinnerware and make the kitchen feeling roomy.

5.      Use Built-Ins

A built-in recessed daybed with cabinet will solve your storage problem and spare you from buying a sofa. Besides adding functionality, such a furniture item will maximize limited floor space.

6.      Space under Staircase

The space under a staircase often remains wasted. Reclaim that awkward, extra space as storage or turn it into a small home office. Place some storage baskets or install an open shelf to store the kitchen odds or display books. Otherwise, make it your home office by placing a small desk and a chair.

7.      Nesting Tables

Nesting table is a furniture item that can squeeze storage out of tiny space. A nesting side table or coffee table is perfect for a small living room.  Just pull out the lower table when you need an extra surface for holding a book or drinks.

8.      Avoid Dark Colors

Avoid using shady colors and keep a space decluttered to create an impression of spaciousness in any small room. Use neutral wall colors; crisp, white furniture; and built-in units to achieve that impression.

9.      Use Mirrors

It is probably the most common trick of designing a small space. Mirrors generally add dimension to a space and reflect natural light – both of which are necessary for expanding a space visually.

10.  Window Treatment

Window treatment is very effective in making a room feeling wider. Despite a room’s small floor plan, a floor-to-ceiling window treatment will draw eyes up the wall for a much larger feel.

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